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Anyway, the facts described are moving and involving in general, especially because of their historical nature, but also of the unique style of the narrator: Balestrini's experimental approach seems to reach his complete maturity in these pages, in particular considering his attention for the possibilities of a collective, non subjective voice. Nanni Balestrini was born in Milan in ; he lives between Rome and Paris. He is the author of many novels and collections of poems.

Multiple Novel in Single Copies. DeriveApprodi pp. A note by the Author. In I had written Tape Mark I , an experimental poem I composed by using combinatorial possibilities by means of an IBM electronic calculator - the ancient name fo computer. Bits of sentences were assembled in sequence, so to create a series of verses by means of simple algorithms that guided the work of the equipment.

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There was an infinite number of possible results, but a small series of variants, that was enough to show the sense of the experiment, was published on the Almanacco Bompiani Later, I decided to use the same technique to create a novel. When compared to the previous experience, a text in prose had the advantage to have the final product as a tangible object that could be made in a big number of copies in all its different variants. As a result of the different combination of word elements that the computer would have selected time after time. At that time, however, printing technologies did not allow to implement the project, so I was content with publishing only one version with Feltrinelli - an ironic homage to the archetypal love novel.

The book arose the interest of critics, due to its experimental and provocative nature, that questioned the notions of character and plot, of time and place. Today, four decades later, the development of digital printing makes it possible to implement my old project, as new machines can print a run of single numbered copies.

This operation undermines the dogma of original, unique and final edition of a literary work - the abandoning of mechanical copying systems seems to hint at the uncountable forms in nature, where each element from a leaf to a human being is a slightly different variation of a same ideal prototype. So a literary work or a novel, rather than an unchangeable unicum , can be made as a series of variants each as a tangible book, copy and personal story of each reader.

Tristano is just a first test, that still employs in a limited way the potentialities the new technologies can offer to effectively represent and describe the complexity of contemporary world and everyday life. A new way to explore literature and the novel in particular, by offering unexpected chances of creative freedom and communication with readers at large. Manni Editore; Collection Pretesti; pages. The Satyricon by Petronius Arbiter is one of the most extraordinary literary masterpiece of all times.

This book is a new reading and interpretation of it by one of the greatest living Latin scholars. After fighting in the Resistance during the Second World War, he became a member of the Communist Party but he was expelled in As a writer he wrote poems, novels, essays and many translations from Latin. At the top of his long narrative and speculative course, in his new novel-essay Cassieri creates an unusual , dramatic and painfully odd character. Saverio Lamanna is an odd man.

His life passes parallel to others' existence. Due to epilepsy, even if he tries to hide it, his life is forced at the edge of society. This is Eraclitus's attitude and it becames his own philosophy of life. Giuseppe Cassieri was born in in Rodi Garganico. He lives and works in Rome. Cassieri is a well known and highly appreciated novelist and essayist.

His first novel was Aria Cupa With Manni he published the novel La strada di ritorno and the collecion of short stories Scommesse Manni Editore; Collection Pretesti; 72 pages. One day I lost the power of speech, I come here just to tell it to you, not because you could answer me. The border between written and oral speech, improvisation and text, imagination and background is broken, corroded and even ridiculed in Alda Merini's poems. Thus this work is at the same time a deep reflection on old age and death and an improvised selfironic anthology. But it's also a philosophic treatise about sin and beauty and a frivolous talk about ars amandi ; a memoir on cities and lost friends Vanni Scheiwiller and Maria Corti and a comic invective to real pests.

Is this an anthology of aphorisms? Is it an intellectual autobiography? Is it a mimetic, conversational collection of poems? Foreparent Beast from a Madhouse can be defined, just as the talent of Alda Merini, one of the greatest character of the universal literature. Alda Merini , probably the greatest living Italian poet, was born in in Milano.

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She wrote her first poems when she was fifteen years old. Due to her illness she spent most of her life in different madhouses. That tragic experience is one of the topical subject of her poetry. A novel about men who are unable to be loved, a blonde woman framed in a wrong relationship. It is the story of an incredible escape, the story of Maria who decides to revolt against her tyrannical husband.

There is a ill mother who dies without caressing her daughter's face. An old man, a dropout who might have loved only once in his life. Everything takes place in a domestic Naples , a city that is totally shaken by family's torments. She ha written for many newspapers and magazines. She also published a photographic book Il mare in faccia.

By Simona Izzo. The film, coming by the end of March , with the same title was made out from this novel. Virginia Woolf. The taste of a sea urchin opens to the young Diego the doors of cooking, which will allow him, years later, to gain the Michelin Third Star for the restaurant where he works. With his court of cook-servants and pastry chef he refuges in Stromboli, his birthplace, where he meets a girl, Stella Marina.

After a love night with her, Diego falls ill, and the girl helps him to convoke all the women of his life: Monica, who gave him a child; Stefania, his all-time lover; Diletta, the old mother; Isabelle, a distinguished gourmet. Each woman will change her mind after this meeting, appeased with herself and ready to face her role and destiny. Touching, hilarious and original, this novel has been immediately turned into a film. Simona Izzo is a script-writer, director and actress who wrote subjects awarded by national and international juries. She directed the films: Maniaci sentimentali Sentimental maniacs, , Camere da letto Bedrooms, , Commedia sexy Sexy comedy, Esploriamo Le Scienze.

Con Espansione Online: Antologia Italiana. Portfolio Delle Competenze Individuali. Student's Book-Workbook. Century: 4 Pierdomenico Baccalario,A. Noella Sichich Berti. Con Gadget. Student's Book-Workbook-Culture Book. Per La Scuola Elementare: 4. Con DVD. Leggere I Mass-media. Quaderno Di Lavoro.

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Per La Sc Uola Media. Student's Book-Workbook-With Key. Con Multi-ROM. Student's Book. Con 2 Espansioni Online. Con Libro: Lavoro, Impresa, Territorio: 3. Pranzo E Merenda. Lettura E Linguaggi. Per La Scuola Elementare. Tecnici Per Geometri. A: La Terra Solida. Con Earth Science In English. Per La Scuola Media: 3. Modulo A-B-C. Per Il Biennio. Con Regole E Formule. Con Io Nella Storia Antica. Syllabus 5. Novelle Dal Decameron.

Le Indagini. La Mafia. La Corruzio Ne. Le Droghe. Il Carcere Achille Serra. I Grandi Classici Richard Scarry. Per Le Scuole Superiori! Modulo B. B1-B2: Dall'umanesimo Al Criticismo. Con Adesivi Paul Nicholls. Sistemi Informativi Aziendali. Le Leggi Della Natura. Armenia - B Per La Scuola Media: 4. Geografia Da Vicino. Student's Book-Workbook-Homework Book. Per Il Liceo Scientifico: 2. Scuola Primaria. English For Global Issues. The Secret Skye Byrne,N. Epica Classica E Medievale.

Primi Percorsi Di Matematica. Volume C. Per La Scuola Elementare: 1. Volume 1. Mito Ed Epica. Quaderno Delle Competenze.

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CD ROM: 1. Con Maths In English. Tecnici E Professionali: 2. Con Geografia. Gialla Per Il Settore Turistico-alberghiero. Con Imparafacile. Con Libro Liquido. Con Didastore: 2. Dizionario Inglese-italiano. Impara L'inglese Con Snoopy! Introduzione Al Diritto E All'economia. Il Diritto Nella Vita Quotidiana. Volume Unico. Con Atlante. Chimica Organica. Forze Speciali. Con CD Audio: 3. In Vacanza Con L'inglese. Per La Scuola Media! Con CD Audio: 2. Con CD Audio: 4. Con Gadget Luigi Garlando. Quaderno Di Aapprofondimento.

Imparo Con Gli Animali Aa. Per La Scuola Elementare: 2. Minnie Walt Disney Company Italia.

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  • Modulo D: La Terra Nell'universo. Principi E Fenomeni. Corso Di Geometria. Per Il Liceo Scientifico: 1. Letteratura Come Dialogo. Star Wars. Italiano, Storia E Geografia. Libro Gioco Delle Parole Aa. Europa E Italia. Manuale Per Fotografare. Flores David,M. Con Gadget Valentina Russo. Gialla Leggera. Piccoli Passatempi Sarah Horne,P.

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    Autori, Testi, Cultura Di Roma. Livello Avanzato Ooline. Nascita, Vita E Morte. Dinosauri Matteo Bacchin,Marco Signore. Paola Fabris. Con Quaderno Dello Studente. Il Quaderno Del Lettore. Il Racconto Della Messa. Domande E Risposte. Copertina Verde. Versione Maior. Le Regole Del Gioco. Sussidiario Unico. Con 3 Libri: Quaderni-Mappe-Atlanti.

    Tomi A-B-C. Con Schede. Con Tutor. Zertifikat Deutsch. Esercizi Greci. Per Il Liceo Classico. With Key. Scrivere, Colorare, Ritagliare. Lato Server E Mobile Computing. Geografia Generale Europa.

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    Guida Allo Studio. Sim, Obrigado: 1 Collectif. Percorsi Ed Esperienze Letterarie. La Letteratura Delle Origini. Modulo Iota: L'analisi Numerica. Crimini E Miste. Per Le Scuole Superiori: 5. Viaggio Nelle Scienze. Letteratura, Cultura, Arti. Con Espansione Online: 5. Tecnici E Professionali. Con Piccolo Dizionario Della Bibbia. Materiali Per L'allievo. Grandi Fiabe Disney A Fumetti. Quaderno Operativo Di Lingua Italiano. Area Matematico-scientifica. Una Vita A Fumetti G. Con Antologia Degli Storici. Con E-book: 1. Tecnici Per Il Turismo: 1. Star Wars Karen Traviss,G.

    Interactive Whiteboard Software. Materiali Per Il Docente. Con Divina Commedia-Scrittura. PEr Le Scuole Superiori. Le Giocaparabole. Per Il Biennio: 2. Moduli Di Storia. Modulo D-E-F.

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    Student's Book-Companion Book. Temi Svolti E Commentati. Test Di Verifica. Richiami Di Teoria. I Numeri Bianca Belardinelli. Libro Puzzle Irene Mazza. Scienza Degli Alimenti. L'incredibile Storia Sociale Dell'hip-hop. Angelo Petrosino. Per Il Triennio. Studi sul trattamento giuridico della follia e sulla persecuzione della eterodossia religiosa nella legislazione del tardo impero romano.

    Ley y terror: el fomento de la delacion como medio de amedrentar a los maniqueos en las leyes teodosianas. Cosi l'anno ruota intorno alla nascita di Cristo e alla sua morte, scandito cioe tra il Natale e la Pasqua di passione e resurrezione con, nel mezzo, tutto un incastro di momenti di attesa e proseguimento dei due maggiori eventi: l'Avvento, che prepara al Natale; la Quaresima di passione, che subentra alla follia del pagano Carnevale, come momento di lutto e digiuno preannunciatore della risurrezione pasquale; l'Ascensione, con la salita al cielo di Cristo risorto; la Pentecoste, con il ritorno di Dio sulla Terra sotto forma dello Spirito Santo, la terza persona della divina Trinita.

    Dall'eternita di dante all'impermanenza di petrarca. Come affrontare lo iato e la contraddizione che si aprono sempre piu--aprendo lo spazio ed il tempo della follia dell'Occidente Giordano Bruno direbbe: il capovolgimento del vero e del buono in falso e cattivo, l'innalzamento idolatrico del falso e cattivo a luce di verita e bonta --fra i poli dell'Essere che si fa un pensato in maniera eteronoma e del Pensiero che viene reso concreto con un'astratta, ma cogentissima costrizione dell'immagine e della materia?

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