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1. She doesn’t feel appreciated

Either way, this is the perfect example of a man meeting the love of his life at the wrong time. She already made it clear she's pregnant and she is keeping the baby. Unless he's willing to stick around and hope her relationship tanks, which is a horrible thing to do, he will have to move on with the knowledge that he missed having her by only two months. Six years of loving someone isn't something you can toss away easily, and a long distance relationship isn't ideal, regardless of how long you've loved each other.

Obviously, this guy's timing couldn't be worse and it seems he'll have to allow time to heal this fresh wound. Does this mean love cannot conquer distance? Not at all, but that road won't be an easy one - especially if she is moving for the sake of school, a job or anything else that promises to consume the majority of her waking hours.

Sometimes the only thing you can do for love is let go and hope one day it comes back to you. Let's hope that's exactly what he plans to do. Remember what I said about raising your odds? In this case, the guy was ridiculed by an old friend. He was looking for romance and received one of the rudest forms of rejection instead.

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What does her laughter tell him? That he just dodged a bullet, because relationships don't work if one person is unnecessarily cruel. She could have easily let him down gently but she didn't even say anything - HUGE red flag for him. Hopefully he realized her character wasn't one worth further pursuits. What makes this confession even more sad is his admission that they were friends when they were younger. Is it possible she was so flustered she could only laugh and walk away?

Does it sound like he's going to keep pursuing her? Either way, his confession came at the wrong time. So much is said in so few words. She loved him once but perhaps he was unavailable and now that he is available, she isn't. While we don't know the details of their love lost, it is clear she doesn't want to be with him anymore. Her response implies she perhaps told him about her feelings before and he took it for granted and did as he pleased until he was ready to settle down and be with her, but by then she had already moved on good for her!

Had he actually asked to marry her when she loved him, would she have fallen out of love by now? There's no telling how they could have been, only that they will never be. Sometimes women refuse to be with their male friends simply because there isn't a romantic attraction. Just because a man is "awesome" in some ways, doesn't mean he's everything she is looking for. While this hurts, it's important to remember that there is also a chance she is looking elsewhere in an effort to preserve the friendship.

More often than not, people lose more than just lovers when a relationship ends, they lose the friendships they had before things got romantic as well.

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Regardless of her reasons, the best thing to do when this happens is be honest. Most friendships can overcome one-sided loves and by confessing, you won't live with regret. This guy obviously held his feelings in way too long. Maybe he never had a chance to tell her how he feels or he is one of those guys who chooses the most painful option - to love from afar. Either way, by marrying his best friend, she is guaranteed to be a part of this heartbroken guy's life for the duration of the friendship.

How must it feel to love someone while they love one of the closest people to you? Not good, I imagine. Hopefully, he picks himself up and learns to move on. His best friend is marrying the girl of their dreams, so maybe it's time for him to find a new dream. Again, a man meets the love of his life only to discover she is destined to be with someone else - and that someone so close to him that she will forever remain in his life.

What choice does he have? None, he has to move on and discover a new love or he will fester in his desires to be with an untouchable woman. Sometimes life plays cruel jokes on us. When we want to be with someone, we wind up being with them in a companionable or family setting, rather than romantic. In times like these, we can only do our best to move on and find a different source of romantic bliss. It's definitely out there, we just have to keep searching. We've all heard of love at first sight, but this poor guy was rejected at first sight.

She didn't even have to speak to turn him down! This is definitely a story we wish we could hear, but since we can't, all we know is he fell for her, she rejected her, and he learned love at first sight isn't for him. Maybe next time he'll fall for someone who has the same romantic feelings he does and she'll fall for him at the same time.

Until then, it seems he's better off going about romance the old fashioned way - by getting to know her first. Perhaps this is a lesson to us all to stay away from the infamous one night stand. While entertaining others for a night does sound exciting, it doesn't always end well. This guy was obviously willing to take things further, but she was forced to deny him.

He had no way of knowing whether her heart was in it when things started to heat up so was it really that shocking to hear she wasn't interested afterward?

Men Confess About Meeting The Love Of Their Life At The Wrong Time

Did she think he was silly for assuming something could ever come from it? It really is a sad story, but from his pain comes an important lesson: Get to know who the other person is before you invite them to spend the night. Staying with someone you don't love isn't right, but helping someone you care about through a difficult time is - so what should he have done?

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Some may argue he did the right thing by supporting his girlfriend, while others might say he should have been honest with her. No matter what decision he made, someone was going to hurt.

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Think bigger. Leave the taken ones alone. It's one thing to have her in the back of your mind, waiting for them to break up, maybe even encouraging her to end it. Either way, I don't think it's worth doing - If you can't get her to cheat, then you won't have her; and if you can get her to cheat, then she isn't worth having.

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Yes it's wrong. Sure you can say 'it's important not to lose hope and to chase your dreams" but what if it was the other way around? If it was your girl and some guy keeps trying to be with her, how would you feel? Would you want him to not lose hope and chase his dreams? If that did happen, why would you still want to be with that person? If the girl did leave the guy, you can't really get upset if she does the same thing to you because she has already proven what she'll do. It's not worth it. Depends on how well their significant other treats them IMO.

It's all in the details that make it either morally right or wrong.

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If they are happy then you should leave it be. I don't know, TC.

Let me make out with your current significant other and then you tell me what you think. I was on the other end of this once. A man at my ex-wife's place of work was quite fond of her and was trying to pursue her a month after her and I were engaged. He knew who I was and knew we were engaged. I called him and told him to piss off and he just said 'what are you going to do about it, pussy?

So I showed up at his work and waited for him in the parking lot with a baseball bat in my hand. He listened that time. This one is a classic. A big part of being in a mature relationship is learning that, yes, you need to bring up problems when they arise. But you also learn that some problems just go away on their own. She should be and likely is doing the same thing for you. At this point, she gives up on you, does the thank-you notes herself, and moves on.