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Choose the lighter fabric, or the more modest coverage for Thailand. Again, choose tops made of linen, light-weight cotton or rayon. For men: pack T-shirts, polo shirts and a few collared options. As for cover-ups, pack good sun coverage in the lightest fabric you can find — and a wide-brimmed sun hat. Add UPF protection wherever possible! Possibly — it rains in Thailand sometimes! Ponchos are readily available at convenience stores like 7-Eleven and resorts have umbrellas for guest use. Yoga pants or leggings are great things to pack.

When visiting Thai temples , both men and women should wear clothing that falls below the knee and covers shoulders as a minimum. On such occasions, women should wear long skirts or trousers, and preferably closed-toed shoes. Good to have such an outfit in mind when you pack!

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In a pinch, a pashmina can double as a cover-up. Pack lightly! Drop off your bag of washing and return to pick it up when instructed, often the next day. In Thailand you take off your shoes before going into homes and many shops — flip-flops are most convenient. If you plan to do a lot of walking in cities sightseeing in Bangkok or Chiang Mai night markets? Again, your shoes should slip on and off rather than lacing or buckling. Be sure to avoid white shoes as dusty Thai roads will dirty them in seconds flat.

Not required, ever: socks.

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Especially black socks. Britain, this means you. Sometimes, you can beat nature. Depending on your itinerary, a sturdy water shoe might be sufficient or you might prefer something closed-toe and protective. Dressing up? Compare and contrast our recommended examples for what to wear in Bangkok versus a Thai beach town — easy. Portable phone charger?

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  • What to Pack for Thailand? Clothes, Shoes & Gear to Pack for Thailand.

If your plugs are British, Australian or more creative than above — yes, you do need one. Thai sockets fit two kinds of plugs:. Thailand uses volts, 50 Hz. If your home country uses volts U. UK to Thailand travel adapter. Welcome to the future. In addition to the aforementioned gadgetry, you might find these electronic bits useful in Thailand:. Headphone splitter? Waterproof Bluetooth speaker? Also consider packing an extra SD card. Deleting photos during a sunset is horrendous.

Sensitive skin or choosy about fragrance? Pack your own supply. Beware of accidentally buying skin-whitening cosmetics in Thailand. At the very least, pack a light collared shirt and a big hat to avoid burning. No wrinkles?

New York to Phuket? Sydney to Samui? Nearly 12 hours. The fastest way to get to Thailand? Compression socks can stop your legs and ankles inflating to elephant size on a long flight. Coming from winter?

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If you have a bag that will serve double-duty as a carry-on, then a day or beach bag in Thailand, so much the better! Ever been on a flight where turbulence prevented them serving water let alone food for most of an ocean-crossing? Never again. A collapsible bottle pays for itself after 2 or 3 refills from an airport water fountain as opposed to buying mega-bucks airport bottled water. After arriving the capital Bangkok , the idea is to know a bit of the lush and more authentic North of the country. An escape to the world-famous Thai islands on the south is inevitable and is the best place to relax before ending your trip.

Quite frankly, the least you take with you the best. Bring light, airy clothing and a rain jacket. Backpacks work better than trolleys for island hopping. Oh and invest in a good repellent. Local goods and services are not expensive at all for Western standards. Your budget can run out easily in alcohol and accommodation. I highly recommend booking domestic flights and accommodation in advance to get the best prices. As for tours, buses, boats, or trains you can book everything on the spot one or two days before.

Well, this will significantly depend on your choices. This 2-week trip with middle-priced hotel choices, and a mix of street food and sit-down restaurants, tallied to a total of EUR for two people, not including flights. Most international flights land in Bangkok and it is normally the first stop of travelers arriving Thailand. Bangkok is one of those places you either love it or hate it. If you think you have the energy, you can skip staying in Bangkok when you arrive and head directly to the next stop.

This will save time of your journey, but can be though considering the jet lag and the hassle of another journey after a long-haul flight. Up to you. A golden option to dive in Thai culture right from the beginning. Not sure why it became so popular in the first place. I came here only to find drunken backpackers and some of the highest prices in the entire Thailand.

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It makes sense to stay near to one of the shopping areas in Bangkok. I stayed in iSanook. Great swimming pool and breakfast in a very quiet area. We had FREE taxi service to the main areas of the city. Location is key in Bangkok. Explore this list of places to stay in the safest areas, with top reviews, and of course, free WiFi. Super clean, friendly staff and an amazing breakfast in a terrace with a gorgeous view over Bangkok. Its glory faded since then and another small port in the south started to become gradually important.

That port is called Bangkok. Today, the one-of-a-kind ruins of the old city of Ayutthaya are an UNESCO World Heritage site , with an impressive concentration of huge Buddhist temples, splendorous palaces and monasteries. Definitely explore the ruins in the Historical City. Get a map and explore the sites on your own, by foot or by bike. To be honest, I found the city of Ayutthaya to be a bit ugly and un-invinting.

I suggest you pick a place between the old city ruins and the train station to save time on transfers. Hands down my favorite place in Thailand.

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The stunning scenery, the cheap massage places, the monks on the streets and specially the overall vibe of the place. No wonder Chiang Mai has become a paradise for expats. Between the coffeeshops filled with digital nomads and hipster vegetarian restaurants, there is just enough to weirdly make you feel home away from home.

Chiang Mai is a paradise for adventure seekers. There are a lot of unique experiences you can do here. Normally tour agencies pick you up and take you somewhere for the entire day. My favorite was zip-lining through the treetops. But you can do many other stuff:. A reliable place is Elephant Jungle Sanctuary.

Apart from these, the town of Chiang Mai itself has places worth to see.

Temples like and the Sunday Night Market, where the entire city goes out to check handicrafts, clothing and street food stalls. Make sure you stay inside the Old Town walls to be in walking distance of all the major sights. These were my top two choices when I was looking — both are cheap, have WiFi and are conveniently located in the Old Town. For the record, I decided to go with the second one in the end:. Time to fly to the islands! I suggest the province of Krabi over Phuket because island hopping in the Andaman Coast seemed more exciting.

No matter what they say, Railay Beach is not a decent beach. Krabi is a worldwide renowned spot for rock-climbing, but I preferred to focus my time on exploring nearby islands. Staying overnight in a tropical island is an experience by itself. This is the island to embrace procrastination and enjoy a luxury tropical lifestyle. They say you should increase a bit your budget for the last legs of any trip, so this is it. So still amazing value-for-money! Although there are some remote resorts to the south, the hotels along Long Beach are a great place to stay.

I stayed 5 nights in the beautiful Long Beach Chalet and could easily stay a few more. Start your search with this shortlist of the top-rated hotels in Koh Lanta, with WiFi and swimming pool. Pro tip: Always back to Bangkok a few days in advance before your international flight back home for enough buffer time.