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If your order has a status of "packed" or "shipped" we will not be able to guarantee any change in shipping details. Unfortunately, you will be liable for any costs incurred in return to sender parcels if the information you provided was inaccurate. Buy securely. Book of the Month. Authors Tim Winton Sarah J. Top Pick. PaperBack October 19, In it you get- A primer on the structure of songs and how they're pieced together, along with a breakdown of the genres you can write for. Hints for finding inspiration and battling through songwriter's block. Guidance on writing lyrics that really tell your story and choosing the best title for your song.

Easy-to-follow lessons on combining notes and chords into successful melodies, harmonies, and rhythms.

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Advice on editing and fine-turning your songs and knowing when to call in a co-writer or collaborator. Tips for creating demos of your songs and sharing your work online.

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New Arrivals. Michael Miller October 4, Write the songs that make the whole world sing. More by Michael Miller See more. Using Google Apps, Enhanced Edition.

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Michael Miller. How can you tap into the potential of YouTube to promote your business and sell your products or services? Reviews Review Policy.

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Published on. Original pages. Best For. Web, Tablet. Content Protection. Learn More. Flag as inappropriate. It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are. Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders. More featuring music. See more. Essentials for Composers: Creative Process by Design.

Jonathan Middleton. Mastering the technical skills needed for fruitful music composition is relatively straightforward compared to the development of crucial creative-thinking strategies. While most introductory texts emphasize techniques, this affordable guide goes far beyond the initial stage of methods instruction to engage readers at a profound level. The author believes composers, as a first priority, must know what they are doing creatively and why they are doing it before segueing to learning the basic tools for the task.

Unique yet practical, concise yet comprehensive, Essentials for Composers guides novice composers through a set of basic steps, examples, and concepts to help them work through stages of the creative process in manageable and stimulating ways. Middleton explains how to approach each topic harmony, melody, counterpoint, orchestration, variation and explore the creative process through experimentation by completing related exercises.

Relevant for students with interests ranging from film scoring to preparing music for digital games, Essentials for Composers is suitable for those who compose with or without the aid of technology. Bibliographies, score summaries, interviews with two composers, and analytical interludes prompt further investigation of topics.

Curtis Roads. Electronic music evokes new sensations, feelings, and thoughts in both composers and listeners. Opening the door to an unlimited universe of sound, it engages spatialization as an integral aspect of composition and focuses on sound transformation as a core structural strategy. In this new domain, pitch occurs as a flowing and ephemeral substance that can be bent, modulated, or dissolved into noise. Similarly, time occurs not merely as a fixed duration subdivided by ratios, but as a plastic medium that can be generated, modulated, reversed, warped, scrambled, and granulated.

Envelope and waveform undulations on all time scales interweave to generate form. The power of algorithmic methods amplify the capabilities of music technology. Taken together, these constitute game-changing possibilities. The authors will take readers through the process, step by step, showing them how to buy the right dehydrator for their kitchen, how to use it properly so their yield and savings are maximized, and even how they can dry foods using less conventional methods, such as a solar dryer or even their conventional oven. Readers will benefit from more than 80 recipes that will enable them to preserve and create wonderful foods that will save them time, money, and bring a entirely new offering of tastes to their kitchen.

Wardeh Harmon lives with her husband, Jeff, on five and a half gorgeous wooded acres, which they are in the process of turning into a productive homestead. They raise a d … airy cow, chickens, and goats. Wardeh's passions are healthy cooking and sewing practical wool garments, although she loves to create just about anything from scratch, should the mood hit right.

She writes books and teaches online classes in traditional cooking, sourdough, cultured dairy, cheese making, and fermentation on her site Gnowfglins. The answer lies within. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Short Meditations offers you a variety of simple--yet powerful--mediations designed to improve quality of life by qu … ieting the mind. This book shows you how to feel like you have more time, how to enjoy life more deeply and passionately, and how to handle everyday life without stress.

Write the songs that make the whole world sing. A step-by-step guide to writing music, this book shows musicians how to compose simple chord progressions and melodies, an … d leads them through more advanced compositional techniques and musical forms. Designed for composers of all types of music, it includes instruction on composing stand-alone melodies, using different scales and modes, themes and variations, orchestration, and composing for film, theater, and videogames.

The dovetail joint, which woodworkers rely on for making boxes and drawers, is the hallmark of fine craftsmanship. This unique and comprehensive handbook unlocks the intr … icacies of the classic joint. Woodworkers will learn exactly how to design and lay out all forms of the dovetail, and how to saw and chisel the mating parts for a perfect fit.

With detailed explanations at every step and a refreshingly contemporary approach, master craftsman Ian Kirby shows how to achieve superb results with traditional hand tools as well as modern router jigs. Variations include the through, single-lap and double-lap dovetail; the secret miter dovetail; dovetail housings; and rail-to-leg dovetails. Every serious woodworker will need to own this essential reference.

Homeopathy is an approach to medicine based on the principle that any substance that can cause illness can also be a cure. Centuries old, its practice has always enjoyed … wide popularity among individuals looking for safe and effective ways to treat illness as well as to improve their health. Make sure you hit all the right notes. Playing the piano is much more than just learning notes and reading music; having good dexterity, building independent finger stren … gth, and learning proper technique is absolutely essential to mastering the instrument.

This Omni-Trade paperback volume col … lects the two full-length novels, The Sharp End and Paying the Piper, plus "The Darkness," a novelette which has not appeared in previous Slammers books. The Hammers are very flawed and imperfect human beings--but they know their jobs, and they get those jobs done, one way or another. If your nation or your planet is under attack, and you want plaster saints to save the day. But if you really want your chestnuts pulled out of the fire, hire Colonel Hammer's troops. They'll never win a beauty contest, or even a consolation price for "most congenial," but they'll win the war--because they're the best.

They're Hammer's Slammers. This is the third of a three volume set presenting for the first time the entire genre-defining Slammers series in uniform Omni-trade paperback volumes, with new introductions by major SF figures and new afterwords by David Drake.

Each volume will also include a Slammers story not collected in previous Slammer's books. Drake, a Vietnam vet who served in the Blackhorse Regiment, uses prose as cold and hard as the metal alloy of a tank to portray the men and women of Hammer's Regiment. In his depiction of combat, Drake rivals Crane and Remarque. In this terrific adaptation of the Cervantes classic, Rob Davis uses innovative paneling and an interesting color palette to bring the Knight-Errant to life. This is sequential storytelling and art at its finest, as we follow Don Quixote on his search for adventure and chivalrous quests-- and he will not be defeated by such foes as logic, propriety, or sanity' -- from publisher's web site.

Clear answers on correctly diagnosing and living with bipolar disorder. This comprehensive and reliable guide addresses how bipolar disorder is different from other disor … ders, the latest research into bipolar treatments, strategies for living with bipolar disorder, and much more.

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He resides in Utah, in a happy little valley near the mouth of a canyon with his wife and four children. Brandon's greatest regret is that he has but one life to give for Gondor. Antonio Javier Caparo is a Cuban-born illustrator and designer. Although much of his early career was spent in graphic design, his passion for animation and comics led him to devote himself to illustration--both traditional and digital.

He has been published around the world and has won numerous awards in multiple countries. He lives in Quebec, Canada.