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Robert Louis Henry. Mental Diplopia. Julianna Baggott. Frank Daman. Michael Cimicata. John R. Lets Go Camping. Jimmy Cai. In The Between. Ted Stetson. Melinda McCurrach. When We. Shannon Rizzotto.

Melissa Miller on How to Survive and Prepare for “Naked and Afraid”

Dad and the Impossible Perpetual Motion Machine. Michael Nothguoh. The Careful Camper. Gary Anderson. Hisano Hoshi.

Understanding Nature Vol. Rick McKeon. Love Letters from Home.

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Kate Everson. Yard Wars: When Allergies Attack. Warren J. Poems and Doodles. Mark R. When I Was Young. Tim Campbell. Linda Carol Everett. Lemon Ice Cream. Kenneth Steven. Bounded in a Nutshell. William Haloupek. Choosing a Pet. Errol Flynn. Gingers and Wry: An Illustrated Companion. Dwayne R. Caring for Cats. Jean M. The Knuckle-dragger's Guide to Romance. Kim Burnett. The Candle Maker's Widow.

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R Reem. Hand Blown Glass. Adrienne Lee. Ahead with Wings. Jill Zeller. Restored to Glory. JaeLynn Topper. Pest Control A Short Story. Jameson Kowalczyk. Ruck Nor. Lisa Kime. I ran. John Evans. Coats For Sale. Helen Kujawski. The Lost Steam Shovel.

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Weights, Walks, Challenges and Messes and Weirdness. Holly Justice. Garden Spiritual Tales. Lester Bishop. Dead Hook. Emily Bufford. Getting Prepared. South African Rebel Blogger. Will she ever see the light? She is very different from Najwa Petersen, who carefully planned a 'house robbery' to eliminate her musician husband. And Dina Rodrigues? She 'wouldn't harm a fly' - but then went and organised a hit on a baby. Women are not paragons of virtue who cannot commit murder. Nor are they always insane when they do deliberately cause death. And the women with 'blood on their hands' are not homogeneous.

In Blood on Her Hands, award-winning journalist Tanya Farber investigates the lives, minds and motivations of some of South Africa's most notorious female murders, from the poisonous nurse Daisy de Melker, to the privileged but deeply disturbed Najwa Petersen, to the mysterious Joey Haarhoff, who died before revealing the fate of her victims. Written in a style lighter than the subject matter might suggest, Blood on Her Hands will keep you reading until late at night.

In his long-awaited autobiography, Tovey tells his fascinating life story, describing his modest upbringing in Durban, his entry into a mainly black sport in a deeply segregated s South Africa, and his time as captain of Kaizer Chiefs and Bafana Bafana. Tovey also writes about his experiences as a coach and as technical director of the South African Football Association SAFA , and shares his insights about the state of the sport today. He talks frankly about his family life and about surviving two heart attacks, and gives insights into leadership and success.

This book will appeal to all football fans, but it is also a fascinating story of a man who has lived a truly South African life. But there was another side to Knysna that those tourists never saw. In the hills surrounding the town with its exclusively white population lay the townships and squatter camps where the coloured and black people were forced to live.

Most white children would never go to the other side of the hill, but Anelia did. She returns to Knysna to find the truth about the town she grew up in, from the stories and memories of the people who were there. They would become known as the SABC8. While many may remember the headlines, photos and footage that circulated during that time, few know the real story: the way lives were changed while history was being made. Now, Foeta Krige, one of the SABC8, shares his version of events: how it came about that eight very different journalists from within the public broadcaster, each with their own unique background and motivation, were brought together by circumstance to fight the mighty SABC in the name of media freedom.

Melissa Miller on How to Survive and Prepare for "Naked and Afraid"

This forms the backdrop for a lesser-known story — one of death threats, intimidation, assault and the eventual death of Suna Venter. Her death shocked the nation and baffled investigators. Was it a natural death caused by stress, or were there more sinister forces involved? To understand why her death was red-flagged, it is necessary to retrace her steps and how they converged with those of the seven other journalists.

Krige takes the reader back to the day when everything started, telling the gripping, and often harrowing, story behind the sensational headlines. At the same time, she is travelling to India to meet with sages and find answers to the universal challenges of sex and love. While searching for love in her doomed relationships, little does she know she will find her answers in caring for her dying brother, Evan, in South Africa. Set in the mids, South Africa is just emerging from the darkness of apartheid and bursting with vibrant chaos.

It centres around the lively and eccentric South African Kriel family: Maya, the combative but inspired mother; Lexi, the sister recently returned from living in a temple in India; Ross, the younger brother diving with sharks; and Helena, the narrator, herself on a journey to understand love and death. At the heart of the story is Evan, her terminally ill year-old gay brother, who has been keeping his illness a shameful secret. Conscious, sensitive, terrified and trying to hang onto sanity as his world changes, Evan becomes paralysed then finally goes blind as death draws ever closer.

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But it is Evan who leads the family through the fire. How could she imagine that dying brings everything to life? It traverses universal themes including love, death and sex, and finds value in the ordinary and great beauty in the uncertain. A fleet of cars, their sirens screaming, roared along Oxford Road two hundred yards from our house. I stood on the lawn wondering what on earth it was because sirens were rarely heard near our home.

I went back inside; the commotion was over. But within half an hour our telephone started ringing non-stop. Part family memoir, part ode to the settlement of Johannesburg, Cazenove skilfully weaves her family history and the mood in South Africa in the s and 60s as a background to what may have led her father, a farmer and gentle man, to commit a treasonous act. This book not only includes meat and nondairy recipes but mouthwatering dairy dishes to dive into.

And in her inimitable style, Sharon will keep you laughing along the way.

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Join Albert on the journey of becoming a self-made millionaire at the age of So, how do you become a millionaire at the age of 22 or any age you want to be? This modern fresh take on business and self-development will quickly set you on the path of reaching your unique dreams and claiming that six figures.

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  • Practical, sincere, "punchy" and to the point. A well written manual to success with easy-to-apply principles. Going beyond the problems of a single country, Hlumelo Biko calls for a reorientation of values, on a continental scale, to suit the needs and priorities of Africans. Building on the premise that slavery, colonialism, imperialism and apartheid fundamentally unbalanced the values and indeed the very self-concept of Africans, he offers realistic steps to return to a more balanced Afro-centric identity. Historically, African values were shaped by a sense of abundance, in material and mental terms, and by strong ties of community.

    The intrusion of religious, economic and legal systems imposed by conquerors, traders and missionaries upset this balance, and the African identity was subsumed by the values of the newcomers. Biko shows how a reimagining of Africa can restore the sense of abundance and possibility, and what a rebirth of the continent on Pan-African lines might look like.

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    This is not about the churn of the news cycle or party politics — although he identifies the political party as one of the most pernicious legacies of colonialism. Instead, drawing on latest research, he offers a practical, pragmatic vision anchored in the here and now. By looking beyond identities and values imposed from outside, and transcending the divisions and frontiers imposed under colonialism, it should be possible for Africans to develop fully their skills, values and ingenuity, to build institutions that reflect African values, and to create wealth for the benefit of the continent as a whole.

    At the centre of this turf war is Nafiz Modack, the latest kingpin to have seized control of the industry, a man often in court on various charges, including extortion. Investigative journalist Caryn Dolley has followed Modack and his predecessors for six years as power has shifted in the nightclub security industry, and she focuses on how closely connected the criminal underworld is with the police services.

    In this suspenseful page turner of an investigation, she writes about the overlapping of the state with the underworld, the underworld with the upperworld, and how the associated violence is not confined to specific areas of Cape Town, but is happening inside hospitals, airports, clubs and restaurants and putting residents at risk. A respected journalist, she lives in a flawless Parisian apartment with her surgeon husband and their young son.

    But beneath the veneer of 'having it all', she is bored - and consumed by an insatiable need for sex, whatever the cost. Struggling to contain the twin forces of compulsion and desire, she begins to orchestrate her life around her one night stands and extramarital affairs, arriving late to work and lying to her husband about where she's been, until she becomes ensnared in a trap of her own making. An erotic and daring story - with electrically clear writing - Adele will captivate readers with its exploration of addiction, sexuality, and one woman's quest to feel alive. But is Zuma the puppet master, or their puppet?

    Journey with Pauw as he explores the shadow mafia state. It will light fires all through the state and the ANC. Dynamite that will shake the foundations of the halls of power. It has developed naturally from within the Western Cape due to its Mediterranean climate and the abundance of classic Mediterranean-style local produce. This book features more than 75 delectable recipes, from breads, dips and tapas, to lavish salads, succulent roasts, freshly made pastas and heavenly desserts. The recipes bring seasonal produce to the fore and the balance of dishes and ease of preparation will have you inviting friends and family over in no time to share in this veritable bounty.

    This book offers a historical perspective, analysing regional influences on the ideologies that have underpinned South African student politics from the s to the present. The author considers the history of student organisations in the Northern Transvaal today Limpopo Province and the ways in which students and youth influenced political change on a national scale, over generations. Limpopo has remained a hotbed of political activism in the country.