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It’s Time to Reinvent Your Marketing ... or Become Irrelevant

It's not about giving up on what you're doing, throwing it all out, and saying that it was all a terrible waste of time. It's not about throwing the baby out with the bathwater. It's about evaluating where you are and looking closely at where you want to be.

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There are almost certainly pieces of what you're doing that are working. But, that spray-and-pray part of marketing is just not smart marketing. And if you have been doing that, at least you've been taking action. If you look on the positive side, you've been doing something. It may not have been the most effective thing, but you are working, trying and doing the best you can. Now you know that you need to be more deliberate, more purposeful.

And you now know it's time for you to address your business and your marketing with intent. Bernadette Doyle specializes in helping entrepreneurs attract a steady stream of ideal clients.

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Toy Choices for Your Older Toddlers. Spray-and-pray marketing - an advertising campaign without direction? We have the channels of engagement with more coming online every day.

In effect, each of us has the solution to the dilemma of blasting the world with irrelevant emails. Think those Martech companies are collecting dust?

1. Set realistic objectives

Call it what you like — the connected customer experience, the omnichannel marketing experience, the unified customer journey — everyone is talking about it as the way out of the marketing email morass — and it can be. Yet few companies have taken the time to build the strategies, plans and content to operationalize great ideas using technology. They read about your company, understand what you care about and then — this is key — reach out to the right person s with a very targeted message.

But think outside the box. And if you look closely, you might find you already have the tools to achieve it. David Aponovich is the senior director of digital experience at Acquia, where he helps articulate the business and technical value of Drupal and Acquia solutions. In his role, David champions how organizations, through the power of open source innovation, are creating new revenue streams, lowering costs, digitalizing their business, and engaging audiences more deeply through content, community and commerce.

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Tags martech , customer experience , cxm , david aponovich , digital marketing , dxm , email marketing , personalization. We provide articles, research and events for sophisticated professionals driving digital customer experience strategy, evolving the digital workplace and creating intelligent information management practices. If it is not personalized and too frequent, they will:. Regardless of which generation you're targeting, it's imperative to understand that cohort's content and media preferences when segmenting your database for marketing communications.

Days of 'Spray and Pray' Marketing Are Done

Let's take a look at two successful brand examples. Malibu Rum recently ran a mobile-only video campaign to target to year-old men and women for National Pina Colada Day. The campaign ran solely on video for smartphones with time-specific, location-based feeds in a ticker format for brand interaction. The campaign drove more than 8 million views across four months.

According to Adam Boita, head of marketing at Pernod Ricard UK , "With pinpointed audience targeting, the campaign successfully cemented mobile as a vital component in making Malibu synonymous with summer for our target audiences. Many marketers assume that Baby Boomers are not tech savvy and limit digital messaging, but this is wrong because:.

'Spray & Pray' Must Go Away: Why Marketing Needs to Get Surgical

Swanson understands that firsthand. So the company targets its marketing to Baby Boomer women because, it says, they are interested in maintaining heart, joint, and digestive health. Consumers' tolerance for "spray and pray" marketing blasts is at an all-time low. Sending quantities of irrelevant messaging is an invitation for key segments of your file to opt out, causing damage to your brand. So keep in mind:. Ernan's latest book is titled, "Voice of the Customer Marketing".

Have you ever heard of "Spray and pray" marketing? How can we avoid it? - Specialties

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Malibu Meets Millennials Memorably. Forty-nine percent of people over the age of 45 have made a purchase on their smartphones and even more use mobile devices to gather information about a product or company.