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A teenager who is misunderstood by those who think they understand. Disturbed Emotions. Belov'ed Silver. Precious to me is he who's friendship is geater in value than any metal. He who suffers the pangs of loneliness, self-mutilation of failure, stings of two unrequited loves, labido's growling stomach,. The Broken Spirits. Late at night, the broken spirits sit on barstools, hunched over the counter like question marks They ponder their place in this world They drown their sorrows in bourbon to escape the outer flood attempting to engulf them.

Not A Game. Why is my mind so. Why is my mind so blank? The colors that flash before my eyes, they mean almost nothing to me anymore I used to dance in the soft orange of a sunset wade in the blue waters of the distant ocean. I'll Never Know. I miss the memories I never made and I long for the love. Colors of Pain. There will be times when things between us might not feel so sweet. Those moments we look back on, wishing we could press delete. I might find myself tripping, when I only meant to sweep you off of your feet.

You want to love me but. You don't love me. You want to love mebut You don't love me. The Alternative. Our Society. Could You. Dreams die at an early age When you would rather support a celebrity, a stranger, other than your own children. When you can't make it to a parent teachers conference, To hear your child's accomplishments. In The Midst Of Night. People are not all that they seem, streams of lowered self-esteem. Darkness running through and through, constantly running into you.

My play-doh set. My brown barrette. My high top shoes. My young views. My dirty shirts. My elbow hurts. My parents yelling. My lips never telling. Flowers Bloom. The water runs clear, and once it reaches bottom, it blooms into a pink flower. The slight sting of the water it welcomed, any pain is welcomed. The scars run deep through this tattooed.

The Baltimore I Know. Old roads and new hoes, you know how this essay goes. Crime rampant on the streets. Homeless men, calloused feet. Overdoses, opiates. Young people with too much hate. Gun violence, death from crime. Because I Because I am a nice person,I will mother and worry over you. Because I am a nice person,I will let you have your way. Because I am a nice person,I will let it slide. Because I am a nice person,. There you go again. Leaving me behind. Take me with you! No, don't take me. Not this time. I yearn, And when you finally offer, I reject.

Because if I accept,. I try to run up it with every ounce of speed but then I trip and then I fall. Gravitating backwards she declines,Liquefying to earth's compression's,Ruined but intertwined,Cannot bypass innocent transgression. Undescribable pain, Writhing hands and feet, Radiating ove ones self, Yet it feels like nothing. Crying with no tears, Clawing at the flesh, Yet it comes from within,. The Phone Call. Mom- Yes Imani.

I- I have something to say. Mom- Yes Imani what is it. Pain Glennon Doyle Melton. They told you time would heal. That eventually you'd make progress. So you carry on. Sometimes you go days, weeks without crumbling. A year ago Loss turned grief took you from me Today. And then three years later and look at us now.. Man nothing ruins a relationship quicker than doubt. Used to say you were so confident in what we had. Learning Your Name. You creeped inside my mind, in one instance and over time. You hid inside my brain, and I wore a mussel of your shame.

Core workout. My heart and soul cry out These trials bring me strength I will supplement my life With scripture and song Praying God will use this To build empathy and wisdom Instead of jadedness and despair. Prom Night. MAybe I am made of glass And perhaps I am too reflective And perhaps each time I shatter across the floor in shards of failure I bring us more bad luck.

My Pain. Can you feel my pain? Toy Soldier. My sister used a quarter in a machine the other day, one that drops random surprises, mostly worthless but still they are kept, for reasons unbeknownst by most As the claw picked up a ball, stale candy joining the fall. The Carnival Years. The mirror cries long tears to the bus station Her feet draw their mottled shapes on the Pavement It is wet and cold. In my mouth, there lies elegant blood. A girl with eyes like jewels Thought it would be the coolest thing when she switched schools She was eager to see new faces Because her old school picked on her, belittled her, and was racist.

Lo and behold, inside of me in a crooked corner that plays hymns of once spoken words and memories, there lies a prophecy Encased in glass to be broken in bed positioned moments of convincing. With You, From You. Our Bond. Breathe One, two, three I am a happy daughter Who loves her mother Not a hint of loathing to be found Exhale That was a lie The breeze feels so much nicer Smile so much In My Pocket.

I keep a turtle in my pocket, It clinks against a key. Both are deadly weapons, But only when used on me. They took away the darkness,. Sometimes We Search For Answers. Sometimes we search for answers That we can not find So cryptic and puzzling And justifiably unkind Pain and darkness rears its ugly head This is quite the mystery Such confusion and frustration.

Past in the Future. Arsenal of Weapons. My lips are steel as they take heart and turn Heads of luxury and fury, I speak every word. The Cliff. You brought me into the world, So gracefully, You told me you were actually supping soup, Happily. Tippy-Toeing around the Truth and the Reality of the Events. Whatever it may be The person who misses it is not me, But the one who gave it away. Love prt 2. Across the ocean I sat alone On a petal rested and untold,.

As my eyes rain this cold, wet sorrow My heart yearns for a better tomorrow To feel lips brushed against mine Gently pressed, one of a kind. Yes, the cold is trapped in my sweater. Fallen in Love with the Past. I was in love with you before even knowing your existence. In your eyes I saw the meaning of love when you first looked at me. And I was wondering how? And why Me? When I was a kidI always had this weird obsession with band-aidsThey're as close as I could get to the stickersMy parents wouldn't buy me.

Remorseful Me. Wire Veins. For them. It's hard to be told, Something unwanted, By a loved one- Heart and mind daunted. Yet I'd go beyond limits, If that's what they ask. I'd break my heart myself, For them to bask. All this Pain. Emotions are needed, why do I feel like they're stupid. All this crying, what's the point.

Why feel pain if it's the past. Why not see the brighter days. Some feel less than others,. Where there's pain, there's Love. Where there's Love there are two, But with two, there's still you. All that's left is just you, And the pain that's in you. The Real Me. I hate the way you look at me. The way you smile and turn away. All I can do is watch aimlessly. I can't escape you.

The dark is real. Bleeding Seas. The Meaning of Stillness. There is a stillness. A sense of calm as one takes steps through these grounds.

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A soft, pitter-patter of steps against soil that resonate with the steps taken by those that came before. Give It Our All. The birth of a dreamer. My hero is invisible. She comes out in the bright colors that cross my mind, The beautiful stories that feed my imagination. My role model is the reason why my trees are green,. A love so unconventional. A quarter of years I know you, From day one you showed me your love is true.

I feel pain. A crush tells me that he does not like me the same. I get bullied and ostracized on the bus. Losing You. I always lose The people I become the closest with. You said You would always be my friend first. Pain is a word that hurts, and there is no grammar class to teach me this. I can't help this mind of mine. I can't tell if this is real or I only will it, I can't tell if this is how it'll be, or if you're just another force for me to assess and ignore, stress and deliver.

The tiny spark, the invisible pen, marks all you see but cannot read. That little hope, it still burns faint, the fire burns, always. I tossed it back into your sea and poisoned the wildlife, killed off its resources. The water grew toxic so I couldn't swim. A Poem About the Loss of Love.

Left a hole in the wood, splinters on my skin, was bleeding from the knuckles, felt the pain set in. Survivor's Guilt. Survivor's guilt sounds like my sister getting beat in the next room for something I know I did. That's the thing-- I did. I did not. Did, did not. Lost Soul. Read it out loud, and listen how stupid you sound Eternally cursed, because a snake that could converse Because of an apple off a tree, how gullible can you be? The Key. Moonlight trickles in through my open window. A faint summers breeze sneaks in with the moonlight, and caresses my paper rhythmically.

The words on the tip of her tongue are like daggers Gliding through silence, stabbing at past memories, Slicing open old wounds. It hurts - healing. I fight the darkness of the heart The hidden and dangerous part Closed with a bolt, local and key The secret of forgotten past left to be Lost, there is no way I see out, Deepening darkness creates my doubt.

Blank lines- tell the most Empty vases- tell of vanished flowers- and Empty rings- tell of vanished lovers. You used to be my comforter, Now you are my tormentor. You used to be my guardian, Now you are my warden. You used to be my protector, Now all you do is hover. Poetry to Pain. I was raised to keep my issues bottled I live with a family where communication is a problem Introverted pacifist, avoiding all confrontation When I try to speak, I stutter, failing all articulation.

Lines of Life. Since the beginning of my teenage years, I was a glass cup under a constant running tap-I was constantly overflowing with emotions. Afraid of falling for you, Could I be your only sun? Sick of playing wicked games, -And sick of playing of the part.

Nothing I Can Do. I want to scream till my voice is hoarse. July, 11th, You have a beautiful smile, thats what you said. I laughed it off as just pretend. A month then passed and you were there, Right beside me combing my hair. Behind my ear in a loving way,. Bang, Bang. You Shot Me Down. You broke my heart and let me drown. You lost sight of what we had. You didnt care if it hurt so bad.

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Deepest Thoughts. I wish you would Just tell me you hate me. Regret my existence, Abuse and berate me. Send me away With hatred and Scorn. Hurt me so deep, Down into my core. Curse my conception,. Cries of Our Lives. Lives flying, silent cries and teary eyes What more pain could you bring The sweet whispers of lies The passionate song that Death sings The lost hope that soon flies Along with those majestic wings. How to be Free. Poetry reaches the depths of the soul, climbing into the parts that yearn to be whole Tugging on our heart strings, just trying to teach us things I let the words speak to me, Poetry has taught me how to be free!

Free To Be. Free to be? I hide under this umbrella, ignoring the rain. We all have one. We've all done it. It does not judge,. Poetry, my Home. Bruises of words blue and black Pain, and disregard, and bleeding attacks So I come to Lines of words white on black Ambrosia and nectar for scars Sketched in the mind On the sky, stars.

Just Like My Mother. He told me I was becoming my mother. A statement that meant,I could do better. They said I look just like her. I remember your smile, The way it would light up your face. How your laugh would sound, And sing throughout my body. I remember your anger, And how it would scare me.

The way you'd get sad. Save Me. I'm drowning in a world Where you are the air. I'm starving in a land Where you are the sustenance. I'm dying of thirst Where you are an oasis. I'm left behind From where you had to go. Human: A Lesson. Sleeping With A Stranger. Pso Itchy. Loveless Affection. Active War Zone. New friends and beautiful Allegheny sunshine gave the impression things would get better. Momma and I needed to do some healing and wemade sure to make lots of new acquaintances so we'd have "love" and "support".

Sing to Me. Sing me to sleepYes sing me a song of painSing me a song of hopeSing me to sleep dearPut hope in my mindHelp me realizeI will be fineYes sing me to sleepSing me a song of grace. Not Ready. I come to see you during lunch My heart, in pain to much You open the door and you see Me, in all of my vulnerability But you don't bat an eye, much like the other guy You hug me, But not out of love. The Girl in Love with the Moon. The Voice Of Hope. Poetry has taught me that I have a voice.

And that if I want to suffer in silence, that is my choice. It has taught me that everyone is like a walking puzzle piece. If we all speak up, we can be complete. It's like a blade that never stops twisting in your heart. When you fall in love, you fear everything about them. Their very existence is your foundation. You love them so madly you're blinded by it. December 7th Teachers draggingNo one listeningStudents textingLooking down. Pain-ed Love. Love is a sin for the ones who enjoys pain. I don't know where we are going but I hope its forever.

I don't know what we see but its blinding. It's insanity. It's pain, but its so desireable. I look into your eyes and just forget what hurts the most. Lessons on Self-Defense. Why can I never find words on my tongue? They lay curled up in my palms instead, leaking into the ink of pens or clutched in fists like painkillers or sleeping pills. The voice in my head constructed.

The Power of a Poem. Bad Weather. On a day like no other, I lost my favorite brother. On a dark winters night The day we had that fight My brother oh so loved me he never thought bad of me Until I pushed him away. Inner Demon. Can you remember who you were before the world broke you down? Before you became nothing more than an unfamiliar face in the crowd. Slowly you have allowed your inner demons to control you,To own you,.

The Chance of Poetry. The Wrestler. Red blotched scarred face, Clenched teeth, Mouth with a sour bitter taste, Scarlet eyes bleeding pain, Agitated menacing thoughts in the brain, Balled up fists, white bruised knuckes, Tense,alert body. The world is a maze of good and bad. There are times when we are happy and times when we are sad. The Awakening. One with Nature. Sky stretches forever Mountains reach into the blue Colors fade into oneanother Mountains and sky Water ripples Trees blow in the wind.

The Waltz. Why do we do this stupid little dance? It's very well coordinated and I know the steps by heart But you don't seem to understand that with each twist and turn we destroy what we have It's broken down into simple steps.


I still remember…That night…I was only fourThe bright stars shone through the glistening dark seasI hugged my father for the last timeFelt the touch of his hands for the last time. This is what life really is Not all fairy tales and roses I'm putting down my walls, So you can get a sense of some truth So you can accept it Reflecting on the days that I had it easy.

Little Treasures. As I make my journey goals ahead, pushing through, I take the time to reflect, I take the time to make some sense of all that I have become. What has brought me here. I Don't Want To. I don't want to keep going I want to be loved truly I don't want to feel like this anymore a smudge on a page an unwanted mistake I don't want to cry every night anymore. A Mere Disguise. Anterior View of a Fragile Abdomen. For Those We Love. We all go the distanceJust to do what we must, And so we do what they want, So we may earn their trust. Do you remember what was true before you let the thoughts consume you?

Tears of Alcohol. You crack another can open; I feel it cut into my soul. Gave Everything. She gave him everything she had. Her body, soul, and heart, She thought they would be together forever. Her eyes folded into her face,.

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Forgetting Is Never Easy. I wanted him to stay. But Time would not allow it For he does not trust me. Not anymore. As I am a creature of hell. I know no death nor life. Only pain. At My Fingertips. I keep staring at a blank paper like I have no feelings. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but your words, they just might kill me.

I used to be afraid. Afraid to feel Afraid to cry. Lifeless Heartbeat. I am lifeless. A heart without a beat. A body without a soul. A face without a smile. Ripped of my innocence and left with the empty shell of who I used to be. The Ones Who Walk Away. What is pain Pain is a state of mind Pain is the after effects of a haunting The weight of a world watching you. The Cloth We're Cut From.

Half Empty, Half Fool. High and Mighty. Like warfare and religion go hand in hand, you and I could bring out the best or the worst in each other. Passion and righteousness clouding all judgement but we were just wanting to do the right thing. Two Hands Once Intertwined. The promise he made to me about a hundred and one times, he broke. Only a shadow of a memory left for me to ponder in my head. Take it all away. Take it all away, the pain, sorrow and defeat as I cry beneath your feet. The dissapointment and fear that shows between my two ears.

Take away my feelings. No More. Throw your words at us, Toss out your lies; When they see our faces Make sure no one cries. The Fool. Though it's hopeless, still, I struggle, though it's fruitless, still, I toil, The people laugh and say "He keeps trying, though his soul is to pay". The Game. Dangerous is the game I play And deadly, as any can say And yet, my soul is to pay I've lost the game I played today, Yet many enemies I did slay,. Used to Be. My heart used to be whole.

Will it ever heal? My joy used to be full. Love me. How can anyone love me? I have too many issues Not who I want to be. My feelings are misused. I choke on my words. Loving You. Free At Last. The weeping child. A surge of fear goes through her heart; She's all alone and torn apart. Just weeping softly in the dark Without a single light or spark. Death Is A Woman.

Death is a woman, But how could i know it? That Song. Through the words flowing from this pen, almost seamlessly it feels, I have discovered what lies in the deepest corners of my mind, things I never imagined I could touch. People have always told me,. Why is it that the best muses are love and pain? Because they are strong. Why do people feel them so easily?

The Way That Poems Speak. There Are Times. There are times, When the world crumbles like chocolate chip cookies over vanilla mountains. In the vastness of temporary forevers,There will be times,. Things are falling apart again-I've gotten used to seeing it happen. I can tell when the silence is irritable;I can tell when the communication is troubled;. Old Poems. I look into my past through old poems. I read and learn from them now;. I wish the existence of pain was non-existential and the person in pain could get better just with words.

Maybe it's merely impossible but it's a goal that can be halfway accomplished. The Time We Had. Here I am, again, alone, Wondering what to do. Should I talk to myself? Or watch movies in lieu Of the time I wish I had To spend here with you. The man Who Cries. Run Boy Run. If I Was My Brain.

Born again in Darkness to find Light. I have seen into the light, For so long I never had it in me to stand upright, I was always so pathetic, I never looked in the mirror as my own worst critic, It was always up to me,. It Was Me. Only Love. I hide within my own soul Draw back the truth you thought you did know Why do you try to keep me apart From the only person who holds my heart I thought that I would never know love.

Because of you. People always tell me, there's plenty of fish in the sea. But you just didn't get, that you were the only fish for me. All I ever did was love you A Smile That Brightens Me. Glassy eyed vixen. I stare into thy eyes. Sparkling like a wildfire; Such feelings I can't deny.

Long black silky hair Oh I did not dare touch. But my thoughts are impure;. I Am Among. I am among the unseen And you are the light that stands before me. As I close my eyes to sense it, But it never reaches me. I am among the unheard And you are the voice that echoes so faintly. The Sky Is So Empty. The sky is so empty, So gray and cold, So barren and wasted. Clouds fill the air But nothing more.

Scenes of despair and darkness. Sometimes a bird Breaks the moment;. Little Bottle of Chardonnay. This little bottle of chardonnay; My escape, my stimulation. And you My every motivation, unending infatuation. Each glass with every momentous sip The taste of grapes dance on the edge of my tongue,. Time waits for no oneAnd.

Time waits for no one And I stand still, frozen, Unable to keep up. I chase and chase, Yet the seconds speed up. Round and round, the seconds speed up. Minute by minute, the distance widens. Another, But Me. You forsake me for another And leave me cold and lonely. You torture me with your eyes, They greet me yet they ignore me. You taunt me with your smile, It sends comfort but mocks me. When you smile your smile It takes me away from this reality. And when I see those eyes, I'm suspended in a life-like fantasy.

Speak out a fresh breath of air; Orchestrate a conversation for me. Still Hoping. We've been through ups and downs The good, the bad, the smiles and frowns , But I ain't giving up on us. So believe in me, this is more than lust. It's you or bust 'cause YOU is a must! I didn't mean to lead you astray; I'm weak, as weak as anyone or anything can humanly be.

But the passion that melts me inside is for you. I lay besides an emptiness that is only meant to be occupied by you,. Even though you tore my heart in two I'm still in love with you. And if one day I can love someone else, I'll have forgiven you And I've learned to respect myself. When I finally learn to let this go.

He Who Wanders. I informed that im to return soon. Her stare blanketed in dis-array, I inquired if something was needed. Throughout life, there are those too important to let go. But no matter how hard anyone holds on, We'll all end up gone; There's a close to every show. You were precious in every sense of the word. A Prayer. Lord, give me pain. Let me feel every tear that wells up in my eyes, Every moment my heart is shredded to pieces, Lord. Give me pain and give me torment, Let my soul wrench for the poor and for the needy,.

Hold Your Breath. I want to die, I'm scared of death, So sometimes I just hold my breath. I close my eyes and count to ten, I pussy out and breath again. I am in love with the lines on your face, A decade of wearing you down. Emotions run like rushing water, Engraining caverns of joy and pain, Of thoughtfulness and contemplation Of a million experiences. Burning You. Burning You Sometimes, I want to just light you up, Burn you in your sleep. It would be easy. I'd warm my heart with your flames. Sounds written by a victim of Misophonia Sounds Prevent me from eating dinner with my family.

Painting Greys. Last Call. With this being our last moment together, whether or not you know it. I owe it to you to be as honest as possible, but that's impossible to do and not hurt you. I Need You. You said you loved me, but that was a lie I sit up in bed and all night I cry My life has no meaning, just pain in my head I want it to end, I wish I were dead.

Machine of pain, Which pours blood like rain. You helped my forefathers liberate, You made the home I venerate. Through wilderness and adveristy, There are lives you defend. Apple Tree. Shallow Love. Attracted to your glimmering mirage, blind to the consequences. Sweet poison dripping from your lips, numbing my senses. Closed Eyes Spoke. Dear Mom. Meeting eyes with you was like staring at a picture that has been hung in the living room my whole life.

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You were so familiar, yet you never failed to catch my attention. Soul Violation. Claiming sadness to be all your own Your only comfort in life, the sorrow you've known. Could anyone know the tear as well as you? Be seduced by the pain, as it cuts your heart in two? Envelope in my Junk Drawer. We were in love once, not long ago. You said that you could never let me go. You kissed me with all of your energy Maybe that's why you set me free.

Voiceless Words. There are days I could scream scream at the top of my lungs, scream untuil my voice is gone, silenced like my voice is now. I could scream and never be heard, so I do not even open my mouth. Nights in June. Every attempt tried. She failed. Everything she did all led to the same result.

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She is an introvert, she is shy, she is emotionally unstable. She is scared to be alone. She is mentally unable. How to Live a Life. My Mother is the greatest actress I know. My Mother is the greatest actress I know She's able to portray the "perfect" wife when she's around friends because they're all BFFS She is a volunteer junkie because she cares that damn much. It is raining The lightning lashes The thunder roars I am running towards a lone figure collapsed upon the ground It is raining.

What's wrong, What did I do wrong? You can't say. Whether you choose not to, or you can't figure it out yourself. But I can't stand the same pain. Over and over and over and over again. He is becoming the earth again. It sifts through his hair and settles in the creases of his skin. His back ripples under the sun like the mountains baking in the distance. Sometimes, he stops and looks up, as if a voice were breaking through the trees. For a moment I see his eyes, then they float over my shoulder, as if another woman stood behind me, beckoning him toward paradise.

This poem appeared in Every Day Poems. Remind me, would you, to buy more of the Peach Momotaro, with its images of waterfalls, lichen-toned terraces, waves of mountains imprinted with dots, little white flowers, and mist. This love poem appears in The Novelist. For more on The Novelist, visit Tweetspeak Poetry. I lose myself in the space at the base Of your neck, the wood hollow, a place Where rainwater collects and birds sing, The smoothest pool for my longing.

I want to lay my tongue in the groove Of flesh, below the bone cupola. I want to stay there and not to move, To taste your skin of magnolia. For more love poems, see 23 Sonnets. This poem was published in Every Day Poems. Futile — the winds — To a heart in port — Done with the compass — Done with the chart! Had we but world enough, and time, This coyness, Lady, were no crime.

I would Love you ten years before the Flood, And you should, if you please, refuse Till the conversion of the Jews. My vegetable love should grow Vaster than empires, and more slow; An hundred years should go to praise Thine eyes and on thy forehead gaze; Two hundred to adore each breast; But thirty thousand to the rest; An age at least to every part, And the last age should show your heart; For, Lady, you deserve this state, Nor would I love at lower rate. Now therefore, while the youthful hue Sits on thy skin like morning dew, And while thy willing soul transpires At every pore with instant fires, Now let us sport us while we may, And now, like amorous birds of prey, Rather at once our time devour Than languish in his slow-chapt power.