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Where relevant, reference will be made to self-study computer exercises for undertaking multiple calculations in common software, e.

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MS Excel. This key textbook takes into account the varying needs of marine students, recognising recent changes to the Merchant Navy syllabus and current pathways to a sea-going engineering career, including National Diplomas, Higher National Diploma and degree courses. You can unsubscribe from newsletters at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in any newsletter. For information on how we process your data, read our Privacy Policy.

Correlations for density, viscosity, and even methods to estimate Flory-Huggins interaction parameters. I used this and only about 3 other references. If you are not going to study for the PE, it is still useful - especially good sections on pump specification and fluid dynamics estimation of head losses , as well as probably the best summary of heat transfer applications.

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Not to downplay the importance of design and operation, but this compilation of lessons learned - often the hard way - might be the most valuable of these three books on distillation. Many of the graphs and charts are interactive - a very useful feature. Ah yes, thanks for clarifying Cindy. Crane Technical Paper No.

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You gotta remember that charts and diagrams were how they calculated a lot of these numbers back before the days of calculators. Heck before simulators chemical engineers of yore had to depend upon huge T-P phase diagrams of single components to estimate process conditions.

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The mind, it boggles. However I will say that those charts in Crane have come in handy occassionally. Branan It provides some quick estimates for us.

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Good information, as some one looking to begin my chemical engineering career after grad school in the spring this was very informative and nice to hear from on the job exp. Not only is the text excellent, but some of the problems are imaginative and highly entertaining. D chemical engineering so my research work is separation of binary solid mixtures by fluidization so my work is complete how to approach the my paper in suitable journals is please send me my mail and.

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Uitgever: Cambridge University Press. Samenvatting This concise text provides an essential treatment of thermodynamics and a discussion of the basic principles built on an intuitive description of the microscopic behavior of matter.

Thermodynamics for the Practicing Engineer (Essential Engineering Calculations Series)

Aimed at a range of courses in mechanical and aerospace engineering, the presentation explains the foundations valid at the macroscopic level in relation to what happens at the microscopic level, relying on intuitive and visual explanations which are presented with engaging cases. With ad hoc, real-word examples related also to current and future renewable energy conversion technologies and two well-known programs used for thermodynamic calculations, FluidProp and StanJan, this text provides students with a rich and engaging learning experience.

Recensie s 'This is a comprehensive and clearly written text that is organized in such a way that it may be used in both undergraduate and graduate courses in engineering thermodynamics. Bowman, Stanford University, California 'This book takes you on a journey through the fundamentals of thermodynamics, featuring scientific formality and comprehensive explanations of every concept, all focused on an engineering approach. A basic text for any course in applied thermodynamics and related areas, and for professionals in the need to revisit the fundamentals.

It will be of great benefit to future engineers tackling tough problems in energy. The book's strength is in its simplification of the science of thermodynamics and the listing of its practical applications. It focuses on topics and applications that are indispensable in facing today's challenges in energy, mechanical and aerospace engineering.

The authors present the foundations of thermodynamics by linking the beautiful formality of primary laws to a sharp description of the underlying microscopic world. Thermodynamics professionals and enthusiasts will keep this book within reach as an insightful reference.

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The book will be an important resource for students in the classroom as well as into the future as they become practicing engineers. Thole, Pennsylvania State University 'The authors of this superb text have set out to present 'the very few concepts of classical thermodynamics, in a much more essential treatment'. Not overburdened with the inclusion of numerous repetitive examples, this book presents the basic concepts of energy and entropy in a simple equation form.