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The Coyote's Cry (Mills & Boon Cherish) (The Coltons, Book 5)

Now J. But what happens when he regains his memory? Will he lose Jenna—and the love he's only just found? Jenna is ready to settle down and have a family of her own, but she hasn't had much luck finding someone to love. She is very organized and goal oriented, so she has made herself a Consulter l'avis complet.

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The Daddy Verdict (Mills & Boon Cherish) (Dads in Progress, Book 3)

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Through Jenna's Eyes

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The Right Time by Victoria Pade. Don't Look Back by Celeste Hamilton. Obsession by Lisa Jackson. Family Friendly by Jo Ann Algermissen.

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The Healing Touch by Christine Flynn. A Real Charmer by Jennifer Mikels. Annie in the Morning by Curtiss Ann Matlock. Longer Than Navy Baby by Debbie Macomber. Slow Larkin's Revenge by Christine Rimmer. Top of the mountain by Mary Curtis. Romancing Rachel by Natalie Bishop. Child of the Storm by Diana Whitney. Above the Clouds by Bevlyn Marshall. Ice Princess by Lorraine Carroll. Home Court Advantage by Andrea Edwards. Rebel to the Rescue by Kayla Daniels. Baby, It's You by Celeste Hamilton.

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Stand-In Wife by Debbie Macomber. Silent Sam's Salvation by Myrna Temte. Dreamboat of the Western World by Tracy Sinclair. Beyond The Night by Christine Flynn. Outcast Woman by Lucy Gordon. Heartbreak Hank by Myrna Temte. Swiss Bliss by Bevlyn Marshall. There and Now by Linda Lael Miller. Man Without a Past by Laurie Paige. Bride on the Loose by Debbie Macomber. That Hathaway Woman by Pat Warren. A Warming Trend by Pamela Toth. The Older Man by Laurey Bright. Here and Then by Linda Lael Miller. Luscious Lady by Phyllis Halldorson.

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Sarah Mayberry Book List - FictionDB

Charmed by Nora Roberts. Jezebel's Blues by Ruth Wind. Gypsy Summer by Patricia Coughlin. He's a Bad Boy by Lisa Jackson. Luke's Child by Christine Flynn. From Father to Son by Kayla Daniels. Building Dreams by Ginna Gray. Full of Grace by Gina Ferris. Wagered Woman by Christine Rimmer.

Other Side of the Mirror by Maggi Charles. Simply Unforgettable by Pat Warren. Hasty Wedding by Debbie Macomber. He's Just a Cowboy by Lisa Jackson. Mother of the Groom by Trisha Alexander. More Than Friends by Susan Mallery. Hired Hand by Elizabeth Bevarly. The Awakening by Patricia Coughlin. Hardworking Man by Gina Ferris. Live, Laugh, Love by Ada Steward. Man of the Family by Andrea Edwards. Falling for Rachel by Nora Roberts. He's the Rich Boy by Lisa Jackson. This Above All by Barbara Faith.

Grady's Wedding by Patricia McLinn. Heiress Apparent by Kayla Daniels. The Forever Night by Myrna Temte. A Winter's Rose by Erica Spindler. Heart of the Wolf by Lindsay McKenna. Fair and Wise by Gina Ferris. The Kindness of Strangers by Laurey Bright. Romance on the Menu by Tracy Sinclair. The Rogue by Lindsay McKenna. Worth Waiting For by Bay Matthews. Lonely Knight by Christine Flynn. Child of Dreams by Celeste Hamilton. Commando by Lindsay McKenna.

Groom Wanted by Debbie Macomber. Born Innocent by Christine Rimmer. A Dad for Billie by Susan Mallery. A Husband to Remember by Lisa Jackson. Bride Wanted by Debbie Macomber. My Sweet Baby by Patricia Coughlin. On Her Own by Pat Warren. Marriage Wanted by Debbie Macomber. Return Engagement by Elizabeth Bevarly. Here Comes the Groom by Trisha Alexander. Grand Prize Winner! Walk Away, Joe by Pamela Toth. High Country Rancher by Judith Bowen. Point of Departure by Lindsay McKenna.

The Magic of Christmas by Andrea Edwards. Single Mother by Jean Ann Donathan. Hardhearted by Bay Matthews. Summertime by Curtiss Ann Matlock. Room for Annie by Myrna Temte. Far to Go by Gina Ferris. When Stars Collide by Patricia Coughlin. Marry Me Kate by Tracy Sinclair. With Baby in Mind by Arlene James. Denver's Lady by Jennifer Mikels. One Last Fling!

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Convincing Alex by Nora Roberts. Secret by Diana Whitney. Jake's Angel by Kate Freiman. Mystery Wife by Annette Broadrick. Shadows and Light by Lindsay McKenna. Loving and Giving by Gina Ferris. Walk in Beauty by Ruth Wind. Just Hold on Tight! Dangerous Alliance by Lindsay McKenna. A Vow to Love by Sherryl Woods. Jackie honestly believes that anyone with a reasonable grasp of language and grammar can write a book--if they're self-disciplined enough to put in the time and effort that writing demands. Starting a book is easy; staying with it until it is finished is the part that stops many would-be authors.

Jackie believes she had an advantage that a lot of people do not have. As a former accountant, she was used to working alone and completing long projects. Oddly enough, the same principles apply to writing. Plus, of course, you have to love it. Jackie's first attempts to write fiction were so bad they were comical, but she still fell in love with writing.