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Visconti Tarots deck. From the Publisher Cards from the Minchiate Etruria. About the Author Lo Scarabeo's Tarot decks have been acclaimed all over the world for originality and quality. Llewellyn is the exclusive distributor of Lo Scarabeo products in North America. Read more. Tell the Publisher!

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Format: Cards Verified Purchase. Estimated delivery was a week away, it arrived a day or two after I ordered. I consider that a huge bonus. Everything in good condition, etc. There was an odd note saying that "to preserve the original feeling of the Somewhat disappointing, given that I got them to actually play Minchiate, but the texture is pleasant enough and I tend to shuffle gently anyway.

Besides, the deck is too thick for much of what you'd do with a typical pack of cards. Edit after playing a while : Most of the tarocchi nobili are distinguished by a change in color to the bit with the numbering on it looks like a scroll at the top of the card. As someone just learning to play, that's rather helpful. Tarocchi nobili have a yellow scroll except Charity is also yellow, and maybe a few more, as well as anything that only counts in versicole , tarocchi ignobili have green, most of the rossi have red in place of having a red background, and the Arie are both unnumbered and without red backgrounds.

Serious 97 card deck that can be used as a Tarot deck with a couple of modifications Included in this deck are astrological cards, element cards, virtue cards. Appears that each deck is numbered. Run is for Minor arcana are pips. Comes in a nice box.

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Great value for a reproduction. Great product from a great compant. The engravings share motifs with both the Italian Minchiate and the Tarot Nouveau as well as taking unique motifs from Roman Mythology. The plain suits consists of only 32 cards while the 40 trumps feature rustic genre scenes. Compounding the mystery is that the packaging is in French. Minchiate can be played by two to four players with the most common version played by four players divided into teams of two.

The game, like other tarot games, is atrick taking game in which points are scored by capturing certain cards and sets of cards. As in most tarot games, the pip cards in cups and coins are in reverse order. Minchiate is similar in many ways to tarocchini played in Bologna. In these games, combinations of cards are more important than the value of individual cards. The last trick is worth 10 points.

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Trump 29 is a unique card, by itself it is worth nothing but when used in combinations versicole , it is worth 5 points. Versicole are formed through a sequence of three or more of consecutive point cards. In addition, there are four irregular versicole: Versicola del Matto: Trumps 1, 40, and the Fool Versicola del Tredici: Trumps 1, 13, and 28 Versicola delle diecine: Trumps 10, 20, and 30; or 20, 30, and 40; or 10, 20, 30, and 40 Versicola dei Regi: Three or four kings.

All versicole have to be declared at the beginning of the game. At the end of the round, each team will assemble versicole from their captured tricks. Trumps 1, 3, 13, 20, 30, 33, and 38 are considered valuable cards because they are required to form some versicole or to deny the opposition the same.

Minchiate Etruria (Anima Antiqua)

The Fool can be added to any versicola. Like in other tarot games, the Fool excuses the player from following suit. In Minchiate, It can only be captured if it was played in the final trick in which case 5 bonus points are given on top of the value of the card and the last trick bonus. It can also be surrendered to the opposition if they won all the tricks. In cartomancy.

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Although no divination system using this pack of cards ever existed in previous centuries, and because of this allegorical and cosmological content, in recent years tarot occultists have proposed systems of divination and cartomancy that use the minchiate deck. Paul Huson has speculated that these 40 cards are the 40 trumps of the minchiate deck. Reproduction decks. The late tarot artist Brian Williams died published a modern edition of the minchiate deck, which accompanies his book.

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Artist Constante Constantini, through Italian publisher Solleone, has published two different modern minchiate decks: Minchiate Fiorentine: modern redrawing of a woodcut design Nuove Minchiate Fiorentine: modern redrawing. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. What's a cookie? Got it!

Minchiate Etruria (Anima Antiqua)

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