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Not even any good livestock missing. Story: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Story: Betty and Barney Hill were a married couple who, in , came out with an extraordinary story.

Embrace of the Serpent

After years of stories circulating of extraterrestrials visiting Earth via flying saucers and other crafts, here came the Hills as the first to claim that the aliens had taken them away. The event began innocuously. Driving home to their home in Portsmouth one night, the Hills saw a strange object in the sky. At first it seemed like a bright star, but then it began to hover directly over their car. The couple was transfixed and frightened. They experienced a period of missing time. You knew it was heading here. He had bat-like wings and, sometimes, red eyes. While those first reports came out of s London, others sightings followed through the years.

This version of Jack reportedly spit fire. Some people suspect a connection between Spring-heeled Jack and Jack the Ripper. It was probably just a human-shaped pogo-stick probe for the Roswell Aliens. The gist: Some weird hairless beaked creature that was probably a dead raccoon. Time travel. Psychic research. And in , a strange creature washed ashore there. Surely, this horrible thing was an experiment gone bad , or a creature pulled from another dimension.

But if you close your eyes and count to ten, maybe your wishes for space raccoons will come true. The Internet was abuzz. Was this our new slime mold overlord? It was probably worms. Or some other sadly terrestial thing. Story: You know what the coolest part of Jurassic Park was?

When Laura Dern was a total badass who outwitted some velociraptors. I mean, there were other cool parts to the movie too, like dinosaurs walking the earth. But I digress. Which are still not dinosaurs! Time to call David Icke! The story of the Loveland Frog starts, maybe, with that sighting, which occurred when a travelling businessman passing through Loveland late at night saw three frog-faced creatures under a bridge.

One of the frogs was holding a rod that seemed to shoot sparks. The Loveland Frog blipped back on the paranormal radar in when a police officer reportedly encountered a three- to four-foot creature on the road. He shone his headlights to get a better look, and the frog-faced, leathery-skinned lizard thing stared back before scurrying off. Another report claims that only two weeks later, yet another police officer saw the creature and did what we would all do: tried to shoot it.

Story: Octopodes are basically the greatest creatures on Earth. I mean seriously, for something that lives two years, they make the most of it. And are thus also proof that if there is a God , the octopus is a sad joke taken too far. Unfortunately, when legends arise about freshwater octopodes, they tend to get ugly.

They go from playful to man-eating , and are used as a convenient way to explain random drownings. The Green Man, who walks county roads outside Pittsburgh, is said to be a former lineman who was in an electrical accident that melted his face. Or maybe he was a worker disfigured by chemicals, with his face turning green as a result. Now he walks those roads, alone at night, a faint cloud of smoke following him. Nothing supernatural, just chain-smoking. But the truth behind the story is more tragic. He was a real man, Raymond Robinson.

At the age of 8, he was horribly disfigured in an electrical accident, losing his eyes. His nighttime strolls were his chance to get out without feeling like he was scaring people. But as time went on, his existence became the stuff of stories, then urban legend. And a lonely man became a monster to some, and an object of ridicule to others. The stories of the Green Man hiding? That was Raymond reacting after encounters with the hecklers and gawkers who cruised the route of his nightly walk.

He just wanted his nightly stroll, his peace of mind. Instead he became, at best, a local curiosity people would ply him with beer and cigarettes in order to get a picture taken with him and, at worst, a creature to be feared. George Brown had watched his wife and two daughters die from consumption, and the disease was rapidly taking his son as well. As young Edwin Brown grew ill, the townspeople convinced Brown that there was only one logical cause for his misfortune: one of the other dead family members was a vampire who was turning Edwin into a vampire as well.

So they dug up all three of the deceased. Mother Mary Brown and daughter Mary Olive Brown showed the normal rot associated with corpses, which makes sense, because they had died some time before.

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But Mercy, only two months dead, showed no signs of decomposition at the end of winter, in the Northeast , and there was still blood in her heart. Instead of the traditional stake through the heart, the villagers ripped the heart from the chest cavity, burned it, and fed the ashes to Edwin. Who totally still died of TB anyway.


Vampire a tie. After repairing a flat tire, Davis heard a loud thump and turned around. Two red eyes caught his gaze, and a creature ran right toward him.

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He jumped in his car, which the creature attacked as Davis attempted to drive away. Police later found a inch-long, three-toed footprint at Scape Ore Swamp , and reports of a giant lizard man stalking the area began to circulate. Though some claimed hoax, subsequent sightings have occured, along with reports of livestock mutilation. And until his unfortunate death in , Davis stuck to his story. Photo by Quinn Dombrowski. Story: I know, I know. Most often linked to livestock mutilation, the Taku-He has been tied to a number of other mysterious events. One woman reported that it was an evil spirit who led teens to suicide , and others have reported seeing it wearing a stove-pipe hat and a longcoat, peering into windows.

A press release in claimed a body of a Bigfoot had been collected, though it was categorically denied. Story: The Bell Family of Tennessee had a problem, namely that an evil spirit seemed intent on tormenting them. It began when family patriarch John Bell shot at a half-rabbit, half-dog animal in his corn field.

How Titanoboa, the 40-Foot-Long Snake, Was Found

Shortly after, all hell broke loose. Over the next few years the disturbances continued and escalated in severity. Apparently, mysterious manifestations still happen on the Bell property, and the Bell Witch also has the distinction of being the only entity on our list to have its own Mercyful Fate song. Story: It seems like the chupacabra would get the obvious nod as the Texas monster. A journalist, Brian Bethel, had this chilling meeting.

As he was preparing to get out of his car to place a utility bill in a drop box, he heard a tapping at his window. Two kids were standing outside the car. The kids had a simple request: They wanted to see the movie playing next door but had forgotten their money. Instead, they wanted him to give them a ride to their house.

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The movie they wanted to see was already an hour in. Just as he was about to open the door to them, it finally registered: the kids had no pupils, no irises. Or one about shapeshifters also known as skinwalkers. Or a malevolent poltergeist. Or maybe about the 10 billion cows slaughtered by our trans-dimensional overlords. Or super-powered wolves impervious to bullets. Or glowing birds. Basically, Skinwalker Ranch has all your monster needs covered.

Photo of Champ the Mascot by Fancy-cats-are-happy-cats. Story: Vermont is a pleasant, liberal state of pleasant, liberal people who love gay marriage and single-payer healthcare and elect kindly socialist grandfathers to the Senate. Lovecraft apparently looooooooved. Unrelated, if Bigfoot stories are the weather stories of cryptozoology, lake monsters are the scores of the high-school sports game. On right, photo of the Bunnyman Bridge. But in , things got really weird. Now, for some people, a monster is, by definition, an inhuman beast, removed from our bloodline.

For others, the greatest monster is something closer to a Ted Bundy. But sometimes, the two paths come together to form an absolutely terrifying amalgam of the very human and the very not-human. Like, for example, somebody dressing up in a rabbit costume and chasing people with an axe. Which is the basic premise of The Bunny Man legend. No supernatural powers or freakish appearance. Plenty of axe. Now, this sounds like a campfire tale of a hook-handed man attacking young teenagers.

But one DC-area researcher contends that The Bunny Man is absolutely real, and that the story has its origins in two incidents that happened in in Burke, Virginia.

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So be warned! Photo by docentjoyce.

Saint Helens has the Batsquatch. First reported in , the Batsquatch is said to have purple skin, piercing red eyes, a head resembling a cross between and an ape, and, duh, wings. According to unknown-creatures. At least one source believes that the creature comes not from Earth, but from another dimension opened up by the eruption of the volcano. Only one person, Butch Whittaker, has come forward with a full sighting. In , while preparing to climb the mountain, he saw a strange, horrid, winged beast in the air.

Someone should start a Kickstarter to get him a scanner. Photo of Mothman statue in Point Pleasant.

Monroe County Library System - The daredevil's guide to dangerous places / Brett, Anna

As they raced away in their car, they ran straight into another one of the creatures or maybe the same one! They gunned the car, with the creature in hot pursuit. By the time they reached Point Pleasant, it was off their trail. Reports of other encounters followed. A reporter sent to investigate the sightings for his book on UFOS began to receive messages from the creature or creatures.

Or maybe there was never a mothman at all, but instead just a heron or sandhill crane. Story: According to PrairieGhosts. Many of these sightings happened on Bray Road , a stretch of road outside Elkhorn, in southeastern Wisconsin. In , a woman reported this singular account. When she got out to investigate, she saw nothing. But then, about 50 feet away from her, she saw a hairy, bipedal beast with the bulk of Turbo from American Gladiators my words, not hers standing, which then came charging toward her. The descriptions were of a grey-furred, human-ish, plus-sized beast with pointy ears.

And so Wisconsin had a werewolf on its hands. Or maybe it was a bear. Or a sasquatch. It was either five feet, or eight feet, and sometimes bipedal, sometimes not. Regardless, it stole livestock. And Satanism was maybe involved. The summer of the following year was thus dismal and damp, with low temperatures and torrential rain causing disastrous crop failures throughout North America, Europe and Asia. For many living on the other side of the world to the eruption, the reason for the disturbances in the weather would have been a mystery, but one that lent a sinister and perhaps even a supernatural quality to the need to light candles at midday as darkness descended, and the sight of birds settling down to roost at noon.

The journey across the French border and into Switzerland involved travelling through bleak, wintry landscapes. The landscape, with its frightening, lonely and bleak aspect, clearly haunted Mary, and she would describe similarly desolate locations in her novel Frankenstein , a book that both begins and ends amidst bleak snowy wastes. Within 10 days of the arrival of Percy Shelley and Mary Godwin in Geneva, Lord Byron himself arrived in a suitably dramatic fashion, drawing up at his hotel around midnight in a Napoleonic carriage fresh from a sightseeing trip to the battlefield of Waterloo with his physician, Dr Polidori.

Because the weather in June was particularly bad and denied the possibility of sailing journeys on the lake, the group spent their evenings discussing literary projects, talking late into the night as the rain fell outside. When Byron suggested the idea of writing ghost stories, inspiration was taken from a collection of German horror stories, translated under the title Fantasmagoriana. Shelley himself, as the atmosphere of tension and unease wound ever tighter, found himself slipping into a mood of morbidity and oppression.

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The late night talks at the Villa Diodati continued as the weather outside remained stormy, and it was following one of these conversations that Mary had the nightmare that gave rise to the central idea of Frankenstein. Mary recounted the nightmare in her preface to the book, giving a startling example of how the heightened consciousness of terror could be transformed into brilliant and inspirational creativity:.

Night waned upon this talk, and even the witching hour had gone by before we retired to rest. When I placed my head on my pillow I did not sleep, nor could I be said to think. My imagination, unbidden, possessed and guided me, gifting the successive images that arose in my mind with a vividness far beyond the usual bounds of reverie. I saw — with shut eyes, but acute mental vision — I saw the pale student of the unhallowed arts kneeling beside the thing he had put together.