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Content Rating: S1 V6 L3. Anna A woman Sasha Luss is persuaded to become a KGB assassin but when she realizes that the only way to leave this life is to die, she takes matters into her own hands. Directed by Luc Besson. Content Rating: S7 V7 L8. Directed by Lars Klevberg. Content Rating: S3 V9 L6. Toy Story 4 In this sequel two action figures voiced by Tom Hanks and Tim Allen and several toys take a road trip with a little girl voiced by Madeleine McGraw and an animated spork voiced by Tom Hale that escapes from the car.

The adventurous trip culminates in an unexpected reunion with an interesting old toy in a shop voiced by Annie Potts and involves some life-changing decisions. Directed by Josh Cooley. Content Rating: S1 V3 L1. Murder Mystery A NYC police officer Adam Sandler and his hairdresser wife Jennifer Aniston try to travel to Europe for a much delayed, modest honeymoon only to get implicated in the murders of a few rich and privileged people. Directed by Kyle Newacheck.

Content Rating: S4 V5 L4. Directed by Jake Scott. Content Rating: S5 V5 L9. Directed by Jim Jarmusch. A line of dialogue is spoken in an unidentified language without translation. Content Rating: S2 V8 L7. Men in Black: International In this reboot of the whimsical sci-fi franchise, two London-based MIB agents Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth are assigned to investigate a series of alien attacks, but they also learn of a mole in the organization that handles intergalactic immigration.

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The robot, known as Mother, raises a teenage girl Clara Rugaard with affection, but when the teen encounters a wounded woman from outside Hilary Swank she begins to suspect that the maternal robot may have hidden some important truths.

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Directed by Grant Sputore. Content Rating: S1 V5 L5. Content Rating: S4 V3 L5. Dark Phoenix After the death of her parents a young girl is taken to a special school for mutants with special abilities. Content Rating: S1 V6 L5. Content Rating: S4 V3 L7. Content Rating: S1 V3 L2. Content Rating: S6 V7 L8. Rocketman The story of the rise of Reginald Kenneth Dwight Taron Egerton , known more broadly as pop music singer-songwriter Elton John: the film traces his struggles with alcohol, drugs, sexuality and the lack of true love.

Content Rating: S7 V4 L7. Booksmart Two high school seniors Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein with excellent grades decide they have studied too hard through their school years while spending very little time having fun. Content Rating: S7 V4 L Sign me up! Let us know what you think. Can we make any improvements?

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Something missing? By , the Auburn business district supported black-owned businesses and 39 black professionals. Built in the early s, this was a popular meeting place for civil rights leaders.

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Today, the building is augmented by a modern YMCA across the street. The market is located just below Edgewood Avenue. Formerly called the Municipal Market, this historic market dates to , when Atlanta was still a segregated city. Whites shopped within, while blacks were only permitted to patronize stalls lining the curb.

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The market's current name reflects that era. Today, it sells groceries and fresh produce -- including many regional and ethnic items such as ham hocks and chitlins "We sell every part of the pig here but the oink," says the owner. Fully cooked ethnic meals are available here, and there is seating so you can dig in right away.

Open Monday through Thursday from 8am to 6pm, Friday and Saturday from 8am to 7pm. Seating is scattered throughout in case you just can't wait to get home to eat your purchases. Variety abounds with fresh fish, meats, veggies, salads and flowers to take home, plus fully cooked foods from every corner of the earth -- everything from specialty cheesecakes to chitlins. Open Monday to Thursday from 8am to 6pm, Friday and Saturday from 8am to 7pm. Walk back to Auburn Avenue on Butler Street and turn left.

To your right, at Auburn Ave. This church was originally built in the s, destroyed by fire, and then rebuilt in In the s, John Wesley Dobbs called the Bethel "a towering edifice to black freedom. This music club's walls are painted from floor to ceiling with peacocks. Closed for years, it presented top black entertainers such as Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, and Dizzy Gillespie in its heyday. This museum features exhibits on the history of Sweet Auburn and the African-American experience, including a children's gallery with interactive displays.


You can call tel. Here, you can see exhibits on the high-powered Herndon family, including patriarch Alonzo Herndon, a former slave who started the Atlanta Life Insurance Company. If you'd like to do further research on the history of Auburn Avenue -- or on any aspect of African-American history and culture -- continue on to Auburn Ave. This is the place to go for answers about African-American history. Operated by the Atlanta-Fulton County Library System, the library's collection includes literature, documents, rare records, and more.

A Heritage Center on the premises features special exhibits, workshops, seminars, lectures, and events. Open Monday to Thursday 10am to 8pm, and Friday to Sunday noon to 6pm. For more on what to see and do in Atlanta, visit our complete guide online at www. Visit Frommers. Republication or redistribution of Frommer's content is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Wiley. Show more text. Show discussion. The grand tradition of the gap year: that glorious time between school and work when young people take an extended break to see the world, explore their options and, perhaps, get a better sense of how they want to live the rest of their lives.

These days, more people facing middle age are wondering why young people should have all the fun. A walking tour of sweet Auburn in Atlanta Frommer's on foot: Take a journey through American history and culture Below: x Jump to text You never really understand a city until you walk around it a bit, and Atlanta's Photos: Hot town rising Open in new window loading photos Capital of the South Atlanta was chosen as the state capital in and served as the headquarters of the Reconstruction administration.

Atlanta-ic ocean A whale shark swims in the Ocean Quest exhibit at the Georgia Aquarium, the world's largest.

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The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site -- which includes King's birthplace, grave and the Ebenezer Baptist Church -- draws visitors from around the world. Sweet Georgia brown Visitors enter the "World of Coca-Cola," a museum dedicated to the ubiquitous beverage. Eats shoots and stays Yang Yang, a male giant panda, munches on a piece of bamboo in his habitat at Zoo Atlanta.

It rose again Atlanta at dusk. Share Back to slideshow navigation. Finish: Auburn Avenue and Courtland Street. Begin your stroll at: Advertise.

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  • Wheat Street Baptist Church This church has served a congregation since the late s. Farther west, on Auburn between Hilliard and Fort streets, is: 8.

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    On the other side of the expressway, at Auburn Ave. Discuss: Discussion comments. Expand Collapse. View all comments.