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Einsteins Legacy: The Final Chapter

Einstein objected to what he called the "cult of individuals," but he accepted his celebrity status with grace. With the help of his secretary, he answered scores of letters each day and greeted a constant flow of visitors with a down-to-earth manner unexpected from someone so prominent.

Einstein the mortal—who capsized his sailboat, had a less-than-perfect family life, and had trouble getting his first job—quietly slipped away in a Princeton hospital. Einstein the legend will remain an icon of genius for generations to come.

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The fascinating magic of that work will continue to my last breath," Einstein wrote in He left it up to future generations to solve the lingering questions raised by his theories, many of which were years ahead of their time. For example, Einstein's "cosmological constant" was once considered his biggest blunder, but modern physicists use it today as an essential element in understanding the fate of the universe.

Einstein didn't feel the need to celebrate his birthday. Friends, colleagues and complete strangers still felt the need to send telegrams, cards, letters, gifts, and an elaborate birthday cake. Those who met Einstein recalled his human side.

He walked to work or rode the bus in bad weather; visited the neighbors' newborn kittens; greeted carolers on winter nights; refused to update his eyeglass prescription; and declined to wear socks because they would get holes in them. But he didn't seem to mind fuzzy slippers! When asked if he wanted to undergo surgery, Einstein refused, saying, "I want to go when I want to go.

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The pre-match heel promos featured what might have been the best WWE promo of Bobby Lashley's career. What a waste of a good promo.

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Elias said the name of "Moline" Ill. Corey Graves noted that "somebody very close to [Sarah Logan] forgot his name" as a nod to the Viking Experience debacle. There were faint "let's go Bayley" chants, which is still a huge upgrade for how Bayley was received in Montreal.

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Bobby Lashley almost dropped Dean Ambrose on his neck, prompting a lot of fear and even more "that could have been Ambrose's final chapter" jokes. Fans chanted "please don't go! I've been a pro wrestling columnist and video blogger for a leading national sports website since I graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara wit I write about men in tights and the money they make for men in suits. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin.