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Do we really need every fight to end in giant splatters of blood and the sounds of bones crunching? Does it serve a purpose beyond flaunting the freedom afforded by being a streaming-exclusive series? At some point, the extreme violence starts to work against what the writers are going for with these characters. Thwaites already revealed that the reason Robin is estranged from Batman in this series is because Batman has become a killer which, yeah, that's going to take some justifying.

But given how ruthlessly and recklessly he fights, Robin can count himself lucky if he hasn't racked up a major body count by now.

That's So Raven - S 2 E 2 - Don't Have A Cow

That's to say nothing of the sight of Dove slicing her way through criminals with razor-sharp wings. Isn't she supposed to be the peace-loving member of that particular dynamic duo?

Akashia vs Tammie Brown - "We Break The Dawn" + Elimination - Season 1 Episode 2 HD

Also, as much as Kelly and Ritchson excel in their roles, the actual Hawk and Dove costumes leave a bit to be desired. This is a case where going the comic-faithful route doesn't necessarily make a lot of sense.

Game of Thrones Review | Season 8 Episode 2 'A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms' - HeadStuff

The supernatural mythology driving the characters doesn't seem to be in play here not yet, at least , meaning they're just two costumed vigilantes punching heir way through the streets of Washington DC. Given the grim, blood-soaked tone of this episode, it seems strange to think these two characters would dress so gaudily.

One big area of improvement this week involved the handling of the show's villains. The premiere was pretty underwhelming in that regard, introducing and promptly killing off Konstantin Kovar a character who fared much, much better in Arrow Season 5. But this time around, the villains brought a lot more flavor to the table. This series seems content to play with obscure or nameless villains in the slow buildup to the inevitable Trigon conflict.

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But it's clearly willing to have some fun with characters like the Nuclear Family. In a world where even the heroes are practically psychopaths, you really need to have deranged, over-the-top villains opposing them. One other welcome touch with this episode involved the various quiet nods to other corners of the DCU.

13. Do Hawk and Dove Even Have Powers in Titans?

Dick's phone contact list is a treasure trove of character references. Dawn's Superman shirt confirms that the Man of Steel exists in this world not that I particularly want to see how he's turned out in this universe. And best of all, we got a bit of long-distance interaction between Dick and Alfred.

It's fine if the writers want to downplay Batman's presence in the series, but it would be a shame to completely ignore the Gotham City cast of characters as Dick makes his slow, painful evolution into a different sort of hero. Titans is proving to be a surprisingly enjoyable take ion this iconic DC team, even if the extreme violence and darkness hurts as often as it helps. This week's episode succeeds despite ignoring two of the four main characters in favor of Hawk and Dove.

These new additions are integrated logically into the plot and help solidify Dick Grayson's character arc as an evolving hero and a father figure to Raven. Next up: our review of Titans Season 1, Episode 3. Review by Jesse Schedeen. Do the Titans Kill? The Cast Responds. Titans premieres on October 12 on the DC Universe streaming platform. Artboard 3 Copy. Artboard 3. Titans In Titans, Dick Grayson emerges from the shadows to become the leader of a fearless band of new heroes, including Starfire, Raven and many others.

Titans Season 1 Photos. Jericho 8 episodes, Esai Morales Young Dick Grayson 6 episodes, Reed Birney Angela Azarath 4 episodes, Natalie Gumede Mercy Graves 4 episodes, Melody Johnson Nuclear Mom 3 episodes, Jeni Ross Nuclear Sis 3 episodes, Logan Thompson Nuclear Biff 3 episodes, Premika Leo Lion Tamer 3 episodes, Lindsey Gort Amy Rohrbach 2 episodes, Meagen Fay Detective Jessica Perez 2 episodes, Rachael Crawford Asylum Doctor 2 episodes, Seamus Dever Asylum Tech 2 episodes, Adam Bogen Tech 1 2 episodes, Jeff Clarke Nuclear Dad 2 episodes, Jill Frappier Elderly Woman 2 episodes, Steve Boyle Man in Suit 2 episodes, Iain Glen Marie Granger 1 episode, Tait Blum Young Hank Hall 1 episode, April Bowlby Young Don Hall 1 episode, Bruno Bichir Coach Vincent 1 episode, Jarreth J.

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The Acolyte 1 episode, Lester Speight Clayton Williams 1 episode, Damian Walshe-Howling Graham Norris 1 episode, Hina Abdullah Shyleen Lao 1 episode, Sherilyn Fenn Melissa Roth 1 episode, Kyle Mac Bond 1 episode, Jeff Roop Thomas Carson 1 episode, Andi Hubick Young Donna Troy 1 episode, Jake Michaels Counselor 1 episode, Martin Roach Manny Wolf 1 episode, Jeremy Crawford Ringmaster 1 episode, Rosemary Doyle Surgeon 1 1 episode, James Hawksley Jerry Ridley 1 episode, Phillip Jarrett Captain 1 episode, Dwain Murphy Johnny Grayson 1 episode, Kenny Wong Father of Victim 1 episode, Matt Bomer Football Kid 1 1 episode, Randolf Hobbs John Grayson 1 episode, Allen Keng Surgeon 2 1 episode, Tony Nappo Cab Driver 1 episode, Zach Smadu Nuclear Stepdad 1 episode, Anders Yates Paul 1 episode, April Brown Chodowski Mary Grayson 1 episode, Brendan Fraser Contortionist 1 episode, Ethan Hwang Football Kid 2 1 episode, Sean Sullivan Night Manager 1 episode, Shahi Teruko Art Gallery Guest 1 episode, Farid Yazdani Charlie 1 episode, James Binkley Orderly 1 1 episode, Jesse Buck Clown 1 episode, Tony Craig Commissioner Stable 1 episode, Dave Hemstad Hunter 1 1 episode, Jung-Yul Kim Huge Man 1 episode, Janet Porter Sheila 1 episode, Bas Reitsma Dwayne Wainwright 1 episode, David Boyce Priest 1 episode, Nicolas Grimes Enormous Man 1 episode, Craig Henry Orderly 2 1 episode, Kevan Kase Hunter 2 1 episode, Sistah Lois Jan 1 episode, Simon Northwood Drunk Beating Man 1 episode, Jordan Pettle Torturer 1 episode, Jerry Schaefer Train Conductor 1 episode, Mishu Vellani Kimberly Kraft 1 episode, Rodney Alexandre Dealer 1 episode, Arlene Duncan Dean 1 episode, Vanessa Jackson Garage Thug 1 1 episode, Tyler Murree Gerald 1 episode, Evan O'Donnell Hunter 2's Son 1 episode, Richard Zeppieri Tony Zucco 1 episode, Nigel Downer Local Cop 1 1 episode, Stephannie Hawkins Screaming Woman 1 episode, Julia Juhas Cute Girl 1 episode, Kafi Pierre Cop 1 1 episode, Steve Rizzo Garage Thug 2 1 episode, Daniel Stolfi Doorman 1 episode, Ferelith Young Sharon 1 episode, Troy Blundell Gotham Cop 1 1 episode, Jason Burke Cop 2 1 episode, Karl Campbell Local Cop 2 1 episode, Jason Jazrawy Fed 1 episode, William Poulin Manager 1 episode, Nathaniel Shuker Student 1 episode, Richard Blackburn Neighbor 1 episode, Taylor Gill Dawn Dance Double 1 episode, Ariane Laezza French Doctor 1 episode, James McDougall Rail Worker 1 episode, Nola Palmer Woman at Bar 1 episode, Alex Spencer Gotham Cop 2 1 episode, Jerome Bourgault Assessment Doctor 1 episode, Colton Gobbo Kyle 1 episode, Jamie Maczko Hipster Boyfriend 1 episode, Steve Puchalski Travis 1 episode, Monika Schurmann Coroner Worker 1 episode, Desmond Campbell Prison Van Guard 1 episode, William Healy Matt 1 episode, Dale Samms Police Guard 1 episode, Laura Schutt Sister Ethal 1 episode, Malube Uhindu-Gingala Conga Doctor 1 episode, Darryl Flatman Harrison 1 episode, Mike Jackson John 1 episode, Thomas Kane Maroni Man 1 1 episode, Keethan Krish Bus Driver 1 episode, Jarrod MacLean Officer Jones 1 episode, Marcello Bezina Maroni Man 2 1 episode, Duff MacDonald Cadmus Labs Employee 1 episode, Nadine Roden Ticket Teller 1 episode, Geoff Williams Officer 2 1 episode, Dan Iaboni Officer 3 1 episode, Arthur Kantemirov Aerialist 1 episode, Brooker Muir Volunteer Sally 1 episode, Jay Davis Man in Suit 1 episode, Neven Pajkic Large Man 1 episode, Pastel Supernova Alley Prostitute 1 episode, Jewels Krauss Concierge 1 episode, Adam Tomlinson Alley Joe 1 episode, Val Ovtcharov Tattooed Man 1 episode, Mark Antony Krupa Konstantin Kovar 1 episode, Justin Landry Security Guard 1 episode, Luke Marty Fake Cop 1 episode, Jamillah Ross Elana 1 episode, Sima Fisher Seductress 1 episode, Virna Kim Burn Victim 1 episode, Drew Van Acker Teacher uncredited 2 episodes, Joy Castro Hospital Nurse uncredited 1 episode, Connor David Cooke Bar Patron uncredited 1 episode, Rick McFadden Police Guard 2 uncredited 1 episode, Alain Moussi Light muscle suits 23 episodes, Alexandra Anger Crutcher III Digital Compositor: Encore 3 episodes, Jason Shulman Stunt Double: Anna Diop 5 episodes, E.

Nova Zatzman Merz 1 episode, Rodney Alexandre Key Rigging Grip 9 episodes, Andrew Whiteside Daily camera operator 2 episodes, Rebecca Bone Key grip second unit 1 episode, Tom Comet Specialty Costumer 11 episodes, Urs Dierker Costume Cutter 11 episodes, Sarah Jeanne Mgeni Seamstress 11 episodes, Hannah Snow Seamstress 4 episodes, Holly Marie Lloyd Seamstress 2 episodes, Nicole Picard Assistant Truck Supervisor 2 episodes, Elizabeth Estervig Assistant Production Coordinator 11 episodes, Jeffrey J.

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