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Bronze Age True Believers Descend on Chicago!

We hope you enjoy our community. We'd appreciate if combativeness, prejudicial or racist statements, and general surliness be taken elsewhere. Here, we are free to hold an opinion and to be asked to argue for it -- but all in a spirit of respect. Contributors Doug Karen Martinex1 Redartz. On June 16 they went live with the Bronze Age Babies blog, sharing their love for s and '80s pop culture with readers who happen by each day. You'll find conversations on comics, TV, music, movies, toys, food Doug is a high school social science teacher and department chairman living south of Chicago; he also does contract work for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

He is married with two adult sons, also both married.

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She often contributes articles to Back Issue magazine. She is married. She hangs out with Joe Biden occasionally. Believe it or not, the Bronze Age Babies have never spoken to each other Disclaimer We don't own property rights for any of the images we show on Bronze Age Babies -- those copyrights are retained by their respective owners.

Most images are from books, etc. All images are displayed here for the purpose of education and review within the "fair use" terms of U. Code: Title 17, Sec. If we've used something we shouldn't have, please ask and we'll take it down. Thank you -- Doug and Karen. Popular Posts. Worse Than a Dead-Fish Handshake Dancing a Complex Step - Invaders If I Had A Buck Star Trek at Dagger of the Mind. Suggestion Box! Keep on Rocking in the Free World B-9 Poster-ized!

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Back In the Bronze Age. Between the Pages. Fabulous Bobo the Lost Monkey Cake 1 year ago. Blog into Mystery. The second trailer for Star Trek Beyond Apathy is here! Bronze Age Reprints. Chasing Amazing. Reunited With Comics Past 8 months ago. DC Comics of the s. Diversions of the Groovy Kind. Flodo's Page. Giant Size Marvel Comics. Giant-Size Geek. It's A Dan's World. Longbox Graveyard. Marvel Comics of the s. Shut 'er down, Clancy, she's pumping mud! Marvel Genesis. Mighty World of Bronze Age Plaid Stallions : Rambling and Reflections on '70s pop culture.

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The Retroist. Retroist Update 16 hours ago. The SuperHero Satellite. A Hero In Other Worlds… 3 months ago. Wonderful Wonderblog. Doom 32 Dr. Druid 1 Dr. Fate 4 Dr.

Hey That's My Monster read by Lily Tomlin

Frederic Wertham 1 Dr. Octopus 4 Dr. Pepper 1 Dr. Phineas Horton 1 Dr. Pym 1 Dr. Spectrum 1 Dr. Strange 17 Dr.

Monsters galore as reason sleeps

Who 2 Dr. Zaius 1 Dr. Nelson Bridwell 1 Eagles 1 Earth 2 2 Earth vs. Jonah Jameson 6 J.

Monsters Galore Blakks Back by Trevor Salter - AbeBooks

Abrams 2 J. Woodward 1 J. Fantastic 2 Mr. Hyde 1 Mr. Mxyzptlk 2 Mr.

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Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Once and Future. In Stock. Ghosts of the Shadow Market. The Search for the Silver Witch Order your signed copy! Storm and Fury Harbinger Book 1. Spellslinger : Soulbinder Spellslinger Book 4. Soul of the Sword Order a signed copy! Fallen Fallen Series : Book 1. Item Added: Monsters Galore.

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