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What to Do in Frankfurt

There is something interesting happening in Frankfurt at any given time of the year. Of course, there are permanent attractions to keep you entertained, too. This museum redefines the common perception of a museum which, by definition, is a place where you go to see artifacts: see being the key word. The concept behind DialogMuseum , on the other hand, is unusual but impactful. Guests join a one-hour guided tour that moves through four rooms where, in absolute darkness, you will get to experience daily life without any visual components, the way blind or visually impaired people do.

All guides, as a matter of fact, will be visually impaired. Make sure to reserve your tour spot in advance. This independent center not only offers exhibitions of world-class photographers, artists, and photojournalists, but it also organizes regular workshops, classes, and lectures promoting the visual medium.

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Frankfurt suffered such extensive damage during World War II that much of its Altstadt old town had to be rebuilt. The restoration project, which started in the s, was just completed in Fifteen historic houses were reconstructed and 20 new ones were built in the traditional style. Some of the most notable buildings there are the Old St.

Just remember to always make a reservation, as the hottest tables tend to get booked up well in advance. Most restaurants, even small ones, have at least a few menus in English. This casual two-story restaurant , located in the city center, offers delicious meat-free options that even carnivores will love. The quinoa and wild rice plate with grilled vegetables and creamy spirulina dressing, for example, is perfect for refueling at lunch.

Just be mindful that the place is cash-only, so make sure to have some Euros on you. Founded by Frankfurt-native and contemporary artist Michael Riedel, and his friend Thomas Friemel, this cozy restaurant is a city staple. If you come here during the week, you might rub elbows with bankers from nearby financial institutions who fill up the small dining room for lunch, but on Friday nights, this restaurant transforms into a hangout for the art crowd. Germain and prosecco-based cocktail that originated in Tyrol.

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Here are the Chanel, Gucci, and Salvatore Ferragamo boutiques. Right across the street from the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, there is a slew of salons, restaurants, and stores, one being Hayashi. This high fashion s tore has been around for 13 years, and though the womenswear and menswear spaces are separate, they have one thing in common: an edgy, avant-garde aesthetic.

Expect a lot of leather, candles, and fragrances from lesser-known Japanese and German designers. But there are a number of more affordable boutique hotels in the surrounding neighborhoods, too, like Ostend, which lies on the bank of the Main river and offers great views of the city. The latest property is located in Ostend, just a few blocks away from the new headquarters of the European Central Bank and about a half-hour walk from the city center.

It's also a great place to hang out, have breakfast, and of course enjoy cocktails.

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One of the most impressive features of this luxury boutique hotel is the design. The menu will also have a World Cup flavor. For Argentina, plates of meat. Plus World Cup quizzes with top prizes.

The Football Connoisseur's Guide: Frankfurt: The Mainhattan of Germany - SPIEGEL ONLINE

There's quite a lot to see in Frankfurt. Keep your eyes peeled for a glimpse of the figureheads of German football, perhaps of the Kaiser Franz Beckenbauer himself. A short trip to Bieberer Berg Bieberer Strasse is also recommended. This is the home of Kickers Offenbach FC, who spent a few glorious years in the upper echelons of the Bundesliga, back in the seventies.

This is where the more successful of the Frankfurt clubs plays its home matches. International superstar striker Birgit Prinz and her colleagues play a more cultured version of the game than their Eintracht counterparts, one might argue. This is where the German team used to hold their trophies aloft Frankfurt am Main, meanwhile, veritably froths over with cultural attractions. Strongly recommended: the cultural mile along the Museumsuferand the Goethe-Haus Grosser Hirschgraben , birthplace of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

You should also see the Dom Domplatz or cathedral. There is another side to Frankfurt, however, there, where men in suits shuffle between high-rise office blocks. Ebooks and Manuals

You will be in need of oxygen afterwards, so inhale deeply as you meander through the enchanting gardens of the Palmengarten Siesmayerstrasse 61 , in the center of the city. Fully fledged tourists also venture across to the south bank of the River Main, to Alt-Sachsenhausen. Here you will find the Apfelweinkneipen - traditional inns offering cider. Needless to say, a bottle of Apfelwein and a bag of pretzels are part of the deal. Yes, you have to eat. Frankfurt has more than its famous sausages on the menu. Plunge into a Frankfurter Kranz, a fluffy temptress of bisquit, butter cream, brittle and candied cherries.

Hearty is probably the best way to describe Frankfurt cuisine. And more onions.

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Dine on traditional Frankfurt fayre and cider Apfelwein on tap. The chef has a soft spot for all things Mediterranean, except on Mondays.

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Something out of the ordinary to round things off. Cocoon is, in fact, a nightclub but also houses two restaurants. The styling and color schemes are very much in tune with the electronic music that dominates the later hours at this location. The food has its roots in Austrian cuisine but is unmistakeably international.

High on testerone and full to bursting. The Web site carries a warning about the goons on the door, but once inside the place is a revelation. A double length happy hour will ease you onto the dancefloor to an acceptable collection of disco classics. If you prefer smoky cellars to crowds of gel plastered clubheads and clubbettes, this is the place for you. Related Topics. Die Homepage wurde aktualisiert.