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Stay away, Jane demands. He is your Mr. Still, everyone has something to learn about love — perhaps even Jane herself. ISBN: Darcy and Anne: It is a truth universally acknowledged that Lady Catherine will never find a husband for Anne , by Judith Brocklehurst. Another Pride and Prejudice sequel which I am I happy to say is focused on the emancipation of Miss Anne de Bourgh, a minor character who sorely deserved a make-over. In the society of her cousins Darcy and Georgiana, and, of course, the lively Mrs.

Darcy, Anne reveals a talent for writing and a zest for life. Meanwhile, Lady Catherine is determined to choose a husband for Anne. But now that Anne has found her courage, she may not be so easy to rule. Anne de Bourgh is a sympathetic character whose obedience and meekness were expected of women in her day. As she frees herself from these expectations, Anne discovers strength, independence, and even true love in a wonderfully satisfying coming-of-age story. Sourcebooks Landmark. Ready for a cozy mystery with a Pride and Prejudice theme?

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This debut novel by Tracy Kiely just might do the trick. But when the local wealthy miser ends up the unscripted victim, Elizabeth must unearth old secrets and new motives in order to clear her beloved aunt of suspicion.

Life is short. Read fast.

The suspects include the town gossip, a haughty rich woman, and an antiques business owner much enamored of his benefactress, a Mrs. Kristell Dubois. Minotaur Books.

The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie - Pre Intermediate

Ah, Mr. We can never get enough of him. In this creative Pride and Prejudice sequel, Darcy has lost his memory and has an adventure without Lizzy. Oh my! Four months into the new marriage, all seems well when Elizabeth discovers she is pregnant. On his return journey from a meeting to address this issue, a much greater danger arises.

Darcy is attacked on the road and, when left helpless from his injuries, he finds himself in the care of another woman.

Longbourn Summary & Study Guide

Ulysses Press. She is one creative and persistent Janeite pumping out Pride and Prejudice continuations in rapid fire. Actually, she wrote the ten book series over several years. We are just now fortunate to have international publication through Sourcebooks. The daughter of Mr.

Darcy, Elizabeth, Jane, Mr. Caroline rejects the role of a compliant Victorian wife and mother, instead becoming a spirited and outspoken advocate of reformist causes in spite of the danger of scandal. Wating for Mr. Darcy , by Chamein Canton. The description of this book just made me smile. For all you ladies of a certain age waiting for Mr. Darcy to knock on your door, this book will both charm and inspire you.

He may be closer than you think. Together they navigate this brave forty-plus world and find out that Mr.


Darcy is closer than they think. They are happy with this, but they also know they cannot stay in one place as James is still a wanted man. After many years of traveling on the roads, Sarah and James, along with their newborn son, make their way back towards Longbourn. An adult Polly is out hanging the laundry by herself as she looks up to find the couple finally coming home. Read more from the Study Guide. Browse all BookRags Study Guides. Copyrights Longbourn from BookRags. All rights reserved. Toggle navigation. Sign Up.

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  • Sign In. Get Longbourn from Amazon. View the Study Pack. Order our Longbourn Study Guide. Plot Summary. Volume 1 Chapters 1 - 5. Volume 1 Chapters 6 - Volume 2 Chapters 1 - 7. Volume 2 Chapters 8 - Volume 3 Chapters 1 - Volume 3 Chapters 11 - Free Quiz. Symbols and Symbolism. Themes and Motifs.

    the mysterious affair at longbourn Manual

    Print Word PDF. This section contains words approx. Settings Themes and Motifs Styles. View a FREE sample. I only glanced at the discussion points, but I just wanted to put it out there that your idea of new points of view for the Harry Potter books would be the best thing ever! Totally cool idea. Thanks for the recommendation! I also thought it was an interesting twist that James was the bastard child of Mr.

    Bennett and Mrs. I thought the parts with Elizabeth after marrying Darcy odd. In this book, she seemed constantly worried about having to live up to having a lot of money now. Thursday Next is a book detective — she has the unexplainable power of being able to jump into books and police them from within. The first 2 parts of the book I really enjoyed. Not seeming like a true conclusion. I thought that for the time the book was set that although today Mr Bennet seems arrogant back then his letting Mrs Hill work for him was a huge deal, acknowledging that he owed her something.

    It was an easy read though which was good. It also took me a while to really get interested in this story. As I did I began to enjoy it but then things seemed to take a turn and left me mostly irritated and upset. While I appreciated viewing the pride and prejudice story from a different angle I felt that Baker abused the characters a bit and just made use of the story line for her own purposes.

    I felt deeply disappointed by the way she portrayed Mr Bennett and and the choices he made, it was so in contrast to how Austen actually wrote him. The war scenes came as quite a shock too and the build up to it in no way prepared you for the harsh and vulgar world you were about to be transported to. One page you were listening to conversations about cake in the kitchen and the next you were privy to the very disturbing realities of war. The whole tone of it was so disruptive to the story.

    Perhaps this was the point Baker was trying to make, but it felt a little forced to me. I also felt that she was trying to make too much of a point about the hardships of the staff and their unpleasant duties, as if to say that no one ever gave them any thought. So I am sorry to be writing such a negative review but I guess this is what book clubs are about, reading what others are thinking and responding with your own thoughts!

    I really enjoyed this book. Like you it took me a while to get into it but within a few chapters I was dying to find out what happened with Sarah and James. I struggled reading some of the passages regarding the treatment of the servants I think its in the first chapter that she describes laundry day and the bleeding chilblains Sarah suffered , women in general and illegitimate birth.

    I feel very lucky to have born in the 20th Century!! James being the illegitimate son of Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Bennett came as a complete surprise to me. In fact, when Mrs. I do question the reality of their arrangement though — could the relationship between Mrs. Bennett really have been kept a secret over so many years? Did James have any inkling about his family roots?

    Did anyone else suspect? I loved this! Just finished listening to the audiobook which was kind of lovely as it was read by an English woman. It did take a while to get into it, but towards the end I was really hooked. I sort of understand Mrs. So it is, begrudgingly, believable. I really enjoyed the beautiful and sometimes poetic writing in this book as much as the characters.

    After being responsible for so much to only be allowed to sit in the same room everyday and sew. It was painful to read. I felt bad about this as I can imagine how much time and effort Baker invested in the research and writing of it, but I simply found it dull and irritating — I wanted to get back to the main story and not sit through a lecture on the horror of war — which is not, of course, to denigrate the actual experience of many millions of people who have suffered and died in wars…. I was slow to liking this book as well.

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    When I first started I was like oh dear this book could be so boring,but like others have said once the characters were more established I got into. I loved James and Sarah. At first when she was liking Ptolemy I was like no.. I would have hated this book had they not ended up together. I like happy endings. I enjoyed the modernity of the story.

    I loved that we saw a side of Mr. Bennett that was new, I think it gave him more depth honestly, and I enjoyed viewing his relationship with Mrs. Bennett in a different light. But yes, it was a great pick! Hello Emma, I have been reading this blog for sooo many years. Followed through the old shops you gals have had, the clothing design, weddings houses etc. I have drawn so much inspiration from your posts, houses, diys, yet have never commented. When you mentioned that you were starting a book club I was so stoked. Longbourn was a book I had never heard of before which I liked — delving into something completely unknown, apart from the fact that I adore and am well-read in Austen.

    I really enjoyed Longbourn, and devoured it pretty quickly. I was so shocked by the Hill and Mr Bennet revelation. Like you, there were hints I should have picked up on ie. The revelation was stunning, and made so much sense in the book. Thanks for choosing this book. I am halfway through, and have no idea where the story will lead to. Thanks so much for making a ABM Book club. I was a bit surprised about Mrs Hill and Mr Bennett but I could see it coming from how she reacted when she heard that he was coming that there was something amiss. Sarah I found to be extremely child like in her actions towards needing attention which I thought was a bit annoying the way she handled it all, but I loved how her character grew to be this strong minded woman by the end.

    This is especially true because our view of the past tends to be colored by the upper classes, whose lives were better documented. Generally, what we now call homosexuality was frowned upon, but was often something of an ill-kept secret that was, in fact, tolerated if not accepted. Sarah even notes in the context of the novel that many women were already pregnant when they married. Just a few historical notes from a labor and gender historian! I quite enjoyed this book and have already recommended it to a couple of friends.

    Hill was yelling and Mr. Bennett over having hired James, and then when she treated him so nicely and gave him the whole pie she had made for supper that day, I began to suspect that he was her child.