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China USA UK Germany Category select all. Industrial Engineering Business Services Industrial Products Renewable Energy Sun, 07 - Wed, 10 Jul 6 days to go. The International Academy for Intercultural Research Conference aims to bring research-oriented theorists and practitioners together to represent their work and discuss ways to bridge cultural barriers Interested 14 following. International Federation for Theatre Research Conference, the development of theatre is inseparable from the process of urbanization.

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Interested 1 following. Shanghai China Baby Photo Expo. Shanghai China Baby Photo Expo exhibits product such as photo album and photo frames, apparel and supplies, photography sample development and joining, pregnancy mommy apparel and sample development, photography Interested 64 following 4. Wed, 10 - Sat, 13 Jul Interested following 3. Interested 89 following 5.

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Sat, 24 - Sun, 25 Aug International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Systems Management mainly focuses on industrial engineering and system management with conference theme Intelligent Urban Agglomeration. SAN aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Science, Engineering and Technology, Management Sat, 28 - Sun, 29 Sep As a result of China's rapid economic development over the last 40 years, the education system in China has become more diversified and key government schools and private schools are becoming interested Interested 25 following.

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International JVE Conference 42nd edition. Wed, 23 - Fri, 25 Oct International Confederation of Principals Convention brings together the representatives of school principals organisations from all over the world to discuss the challenges facing school leaders wherever Shanghai Fair.

The Shanghai Fair provides the attendees with the opportunity to discover the numerous educational opportunities available in the United States. Interested 92 following 3.

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China Education Expo-Shanghai. Sat, 26 - Sun, 27 Oct Interested 11 following. Study in Japan Fair. Study in Japan Fair will feature with the participation of Japanese universities to provide information on study in Japan to high school students, university students, and educators. Interested 4 following. International Conference on Communication and Networking, Information Technology, Engineering, Basic and Applied Sciences provide the opportunities to All authors are kindly encouraged to contribute to Tue, 29 Oct Access Mba shanghai.

Access Mba Shanghai provides the attendees with the ideal opportunity to learn more about the world's most recognized business degrees like the MBA and Executive MBA and to speak in person with admissions Asia Tour Shanghai. Asia Tour bring together families and representatives from boarding schools across the United States, Canada, and abroad.

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Tue, 12 - Thu, 14 Nov China Offshore Summit Series. International Congress on Assessment Center Methods and Developing Leadership Talent will bring together in Shanghai world-renowned assessment center experts, as well as representatives of top companies Interested 2 following.

The visiting teachers are the latest to participate in a bilateral government-led exchange program that began in and that has drawn participation from more than teachers. The investment is already producing results.

Shanghai (China) - Strong Performers and Successful Reformers in Education

A recent study by Shefield Hallam University found students in UK schools who use the Shanghai math method outperformed the national average between and But Morgan said the impact far exceeds measurable math test results. It has cultivated students' passion and confidence in mathematics, and the system's unique techniques that tailor individual help for every student has helped many previously poor-performing pupils catch up with their peers. Carol Knights, director for secondary schools at NCETM, notes that Shanghai math techniques mean younger students have been able to grasp basic knowledge in a more solid way that ensures they understand more complex content when they are older.

That is because their foundation is not solid enough, and we believe the Shanghai math methods can effectively address that," Knights said.

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Shanghai math teaching methods first attracted widespread public attention when Shanghai topped the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development's program for international student assessment Pisa rankings for and year-old students, in and The impressive performance came as the UK government considered how to improve British children's math knowledge.

The government decided to adopt some Shanghai math techniques for the British curriculum. Every year since , groups of British and Chinese teachers have visited each other's schools to share expertise and discuss effective methods. When the latest group of Chinese teachers taught in British schools this month, their lessons were observed by dozens of local teachers who were eager to learn the techniques for their own classes.

UK teachers find Shanghai math adds up

Liu Xiaoming, China's ambassador to the UK, said on Friday at a reception at the embassy for the visiting Shanghai teachers that the program has deepened and enriched education partnerships between China and the UK, and enhanced mutual understanding between China and the West. Nick Gibb, Britain's minister of state for schools, said: "The exchange helps to deliver profound and systematic change in our schools, by giving teachers insights into some of the best maths teaching in the world. But the Shanghai math method is not magic. Knights said it works by encouraging a core emphasis on 'mastery' that ensures students grasp simple concepts before moving onto more difficult ones, and that builds confidence along the way.